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10 LGBTQ+ Artists to Obsess Over, This Month and Every Month

Happy Pride, everyone! While Valentine's Day may hold the crown of love holidays, I propose we shift our focus to a month that truly deserves our undivided affection. These special 30 days are all about love: giving love, receiving love, embracing love, and protecting love. Within the open-minded realm of the music industry, queer artists flourish by exploring their uniqueness. However, representing a minority in any industry is incredibly challenging. Uplifting LGBTQ+ artists can make a substantial impact on their success and foster a sense of universal acceptance that the community truly deserves. Here are ten LGBTQ+ artists you can show a little extra love this month.


Dreamer Isioma

Known for their velvety, yet husky vocals and complementary auric instrumentals, Dreamer Isioma is an Indie/Soul artist from Chicago. First sensationalized when their song “Sensitive” went viral on Tik Tok, their entrancing voice takes listeners on an introspective journey through a lens of lovesickness. At the age of 12, the musician began to express their identification with the queer community, subsequently channeling the captivating essence of their fluidity in their unique fusion of soulful R&B instrumentals and enchanting dream-pop vocals. The artist most recently released their 2023 album Princess Forever, an eclectic and afro-futurist storytelling of terrestrial liberation.

Top Playlist Additions:

  • “Valentina”

  • “Stop Calling The Police On Me”

  • “Hard”

  • “Why Am I So Toxic”

  • “Dumb In Love With You”



Known for their introspective lyrics and heartfelt melodies, indie-pop band MUNA captivates listeners with their gentle and vulnerable exploration of identity. Through their infectious choruses and vocal sincerity, many of their songs offer nuanced insights into the queer experience. Outside of the sonic realm, the band has been vocal in their advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity, aiming to foster understanding and encourage listeners to celebrate their individuality. MUNA recently released their 2023 single “One That Got Away”.

Top Songs to Get You Hooked:

  • “Silk chiffon”

  • “Anything But Me”

  • “Solid”

  • “I Know A Place”

  • “One That Got Away”



Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Tanerélle is a queer black R&B musician using her artistry to promote self-love, body positivity, and mental health awareness. The singer-songwriter came out with her first distinctly-queer track "Love From NGC 7318” in 2018 and has since gained significant attention for her ability to encapsulate the harmony between femininity and self-assurance. Through her sultry vocals and vulnerable lyrics, Tanerélle captivates listeners worldwide and empowers her audience to channel their own hypnotic energy.

Top Sonic Experiences:

  • "Continuum"

  • "Love from NGC 7318"

  • "Good Good"

  • "Won’t"

  • "Smear Campaign"



Claud Mintz (professionally known as Claud) is a non-binary indie artist from Chicago. Through their charmingly innocent lyrics and tender melodies, the musician normalizes and sheds light on the intricate and distinct challenges of queer love. With their unfiltered vocals and gentle instrumentals in popular tracks like “Wish You Were Gay”, Claud’s authenticity and dreamy indie-pop sound comfort and reassure listeners.

My Personal Favorites:

  • "Wish You Were Gay"

  • "To Be Yours"

  • "If I Were You"

  • "Set The Table"


Destin Conrad

Embracing creative freedom in his music style as well as lyrical topics, 21-year-old singer-songwriter Destin Conrad artfully coalesces soul, R&B, and pop in each of his pieces. With his soulful and expressive vocals, Conrad’s music is infused with a lush and confident energy. His most recent production, a single titled “SWITCH,” maintains an infectious beat and seductive flow that is both refined and thematic in Conrad’s discography. Though his sexuality is not actively publicized or confirmed, Conrad’s name has made its way onto numerous top-queer-artist lists (including this one!) for his evident endorsement of self-exploration and love.

Top Audio-Obessessions:

  • "IN THE AIR"


  • "BILL$"


  • "SWITCH"



Mesmerizing listeners with her discerning blend of soul, R&B, and alternative elements, Ambré was an exceptional and unquestionable addition to this list. First gaining recognition in the music industry for her collaborations with reputable artists like Kehlani and G-Eazy, the artist never fails to deliver soulful vocals and seamless melodies in her pieces. She sought a lot of her musical inspiration from powerful female artists, including Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Amy Winehouse, and trademarks of these women’s distinct discographies seem to have manifested in Ambré’s own work as she continues to refine her sound. Her music is heartfelt and honest, and her unwavering authenticity perfectly embodies the magnetic individuality of queer musicians.

Standout Tracks:


  • "light signal"

  • "band practice"

  • "eternal sunshine"

  • "I’m Baby"


Victoria Monét

Openly bisexual R&B/Soul artist Victoria Monét is dynamic and immensely talented. Though she has trailblazed through the music industry in her solo artistry with her unique artistic vision, the musician has also written songs for numerous artists, harnessing her lyrical prowess for pop icons such as Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony. Characterized by her hypnotic sound and impressive vocal range, Monét’s own discography channels ethereal energy with a seductive kick. Her songs often explore themes of love and self-expression, and promote the inclusivity and self-acceptance the LGBTQ+ community embodies.

Unforgettable Tracks:

  • "We Might Be Falling In Love"

  • "Smoke"

  • "Party Girls"

  • "Coastin’"

  • "Dive"


saturn 17

Close friends and bandmates Nika Fazeli and Mia Becker formed indie pop band saturn 17 in 2019. Extracting inspiration for their own sound from artists like Wallows, Clairo, and Gus Dapperton, the celestial duo employs soulful melodies over atmospheric synth instrumentals to establish a nostalgic, dreamy feel to their music. Audiences get a clear grasp on the band’s queer undertones through their deeply personal lyrics and imagery in productions such as their 2019 music video for their track “could this be love?”

Top Tracks:

  • "could this be love?"

  • "alright"

  • "right now"

  • "jazz club"

  • "tunnels"


King Sis

King Sis is a bisexual R&B singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Her passion for poetry and songwriting began early in her life, and she often used this mode of creative expression to build her confidence. Beginning her vocal endeavors in her grandfather’s church, it’s no surprise that the musician’s angelic voice and incorporation of divine elements in her music (including her recent release “close to heaven”) perfectly encapsulate her ethereal energy. Her bedroom-pop discography encourages self-exploration and empowerment.

Top Tracks for Transcendence:

  • "Yeah You (Thinking Bout You)"

  • "close to heaven"

  • "One More Day"

  • "Dreaming Wide Awake"

  • "Hiatus"


Orion Sun

Tiffany Majette, known professionally as Orion Sun, is a queer black artist with an authentic presence and sultry vocal energy. Reportedly kicked out of her home over her sexual identity, Majette’s unapologetically introspective and soulful sound is undeniably powerful and inspiring. In exploring themes of love and identity, Orion Sun embraces vulnerability and individuality in each of her pieces. Her most recent release, an EP titled “Getaway”, is a soulful collection of tracks that epitomize her uniquely raw yet soft sound.

Top Tracks for Consideration:

  • "Dirty dancer"

  • "Nirvanaaa"

  • "Mirage"

  • "Lightning"

  • "Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)"

Check out the full Spotify playlist for this article here.


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