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10 Summer Songs You Can't Miss Before the Season Ends

While it's true that we are approaching the final month of summer, there's still plenty of time to find your favorite song of this season. Whether you're spending every day relaxing on the beach or looking for your next party anthem, we've got you covered with a handpicked list of 10 summer songs you can't miss before the season ends.


"Rush" - Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan rose to fame in the early 2010s on Youtube, where he posted both singing videos and vlogs to his loyal audience; he amassed over two million subscribers by 2013. By 2014, he had signed with EMI Music Australia and released his first project, an EP titled Blue Neighborhood. Since then, Sivan’s celebrity has expanded. He has pursued both a singing and acting career, landing a role in the controversial but popular 2023 show The Idol and creating music alongside some of the world’s hottest superstars like Ariana Grande and Lauv.

I've had recent release "Rush" on repeat since it dropped in mid-July. The lead single off Sivan's anticipated third studio album Something to Give Eachother, releasing on October 13th of this year, Sivan chose the perfect time to release this summery bop. The upbeat house track has a captivating, heavy drum beat that is perfect to dance around to, while the chorus, a repeated chant of, “I feel the rush, addicted to your touch”, adds a fun, sexy, and sing-along-worthy touch to the song.


"Woman" - Clean Cut Kid

Currently composed of band members Mike Halls, Evelyn Halls, Ross Higginson, and Gareth Bullock, Clean Cut Kid is a Liverpool-based group that formed in 2012. They describe themselves as a new americana and lo-fi folk band, releasing unique songs that aim to couple traditional musical understandings with modern ones. With just over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this up-and-coming band is a fantastic one to keep on your radar.

Released in 2021, "Woman" is the third track off the album Mother’s Milk and one of my personal favorite songs of all time. An alternative folk song, "Woman" utilizes simple guitar chords and a steady drum line to establish a folky vibe, while contrasting it with filtered vocals and a funky warped melodic intro in a unique twist. Coupled with a ridiculously catchy chorus, this tune feels like relaxing outside with a cold drink under the hot sun.


"Hot Wind Blows" - Tyler The Creator (featuring Lil' Wayne)

Through his six studio albums, Tyler The Creator’s versatility has landed him as one of the most prominent faces in modern music. His musical flexibility has captured the attention of a wide audience, and it is evident through his discography that he continues to grow as an artist with every highly anticipated release. His most popular song, "See You Again", featuring Kali Uchis, recently surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, joining an exclusive list of less than 500 songs that have been able to achieve that status.

One of Tyler’s songs that has slid under the mainstream radar, the sixth track off 2020 album Call Me If You Get Lost is "Hot Wind Blows". This song opens with a distinctive flute melody that repeats throughout the entire track, setting the warm vacation vibe that DJ Drama, Tyler The Creator, and Lil Wayne describe throughout the song. Tyler also samples Penny Goodwin’s "Slow Hot Wind", adding a touch of 70s bossa nova soul, which nicely compliments the R&B and rap elements of the track. Lil Wayne also drops what I consider to be one of his best features in recent years, tying the bow on a unique song that is sure to transform any regular summer day into a hidden paradise.


"Tortilla Soup"- Summer Salt

Formed in 2012, Summer Salt is a duo consisting of drummer Eugene Chung and vocalist/guitarist Matthew Terry. While their music sounds straight out of a Hawaiian island, the band was actually founded in Dallas and is currently based out of Austin, Texas. Musically, Summer Salt's discography can be described as a fusion of pop, jazz, reggae, and bossa nova. With four full-length projects packed with music to capture the essence of that sunny feeling, Summer Salt has a plethora of songs to soundtrack your summer.

The second song off of Summer Salt’s May 2023 album Campanita, "Tortilla Soup", is an upbeat track with instrumentals and vocals that can’t help but put you in a loving mood. While the entire album and most of Summer Salt’s discography is definitely a summer vibe, Tortilla Soup stands out to me in particular. With a dreamy chorus detailing a feeling described as, "the heat of the summer, the company of friends, tortilla soup with a swirl margarita, that warm belly laughter”, coupled with light harmonies and upbeat guitar chords, Summer Salt’s lyrics perfectly encapsulate the essence of a blissful summer.


"Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, and Palm Trees" - Hard Car Kids

A six-person collaboration based out of Detroit, Michigan, Hard Car Kids is an underground group that deserves a larger fanbase. Every member contributes their unique musical talent to each project they touch and are given time to shine as individual artists, allowing for the limited discography to feel expansive. With genres spanning from bedroom pop, to rap, to R&B in both their group and solo musical careers, you are sure to find a new favorite song from this group and its members. Rumored for a comeback in 2023 via their instagram @HardCarKids, I have my fingers crossed.

A three for one, Hard Car Kids’ Single "Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, and Palm Trees" has been a summer staple for me since its release in 2019. Although technically released as a single, this project is divided into three songs, naturally named "Tha Breeze", "Tha Steeze", and "Palm Trees". Listening to them in succession creates the storyline of tuning into a radio station on a summer day, where Jaylin Rimbaud narrates in a radio host role, introducing songs and adding interludes that really create an immersive storyline for listeners to enjoy alongside the music. Featuring group members Charlie Burg, stoop lee, J Robb, and Squilly, this single has a robust group of artists coming together to create a project that oozes beachy, summer vibes.


"West Coast Love" - Emotional Oranges

A Los Angeles-based duo made of members Azad Right and Vali, Emotional Oranges has been releasing pop and R&B music since 2019. Formerly only going by "A" and "V", the group members kept their identity a secret during the first year of their work until they began touring. However, while their identity might've once been veiled in secrecy, their talent most definitely wasn't. Often referencing juice in their song titles in a fun and clever manner, Emotional Oranges is musically impressive, with a touch of playfulness that makes you fall in love with both the music and the people behind it.

The fifth track off Emotional Oranges’ 2019 album The Juice: Vol. II, "West Coast Love" is the perfect song to drive around with your windows down to this summer. With a funky beat full of vocal chops and a groovy guitar line, it’s no surprise that "West Coast Love" is one of Emotional Oranges’ most popular tracks. The lyrics reminisce on a playful romance set in the sunny west coast, and with the back and forth singing and effortless harmonies from Azad and Vali, "West Coast Love" really captures the feeling of a young, fun love.


"Cocaina" - Captain Cuts, Rich the Kid, Daniels

A triple threat of songwriting, producing, and remixing, Captain Cuts is a wildly successful force in the music world. The duo of Ben Berger and Ryan Rabin, the latter of which is the former drummer of well-known band Grouplove, have left a memorable impact on the music industry. With a hand in some chart-topping tracks like "I Got You” by Bebe Rexha and “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, Captain Cuts is behind some of the most well known songs of the 2010s and 2020s.

Produced by Captain Cuts with vocals from Daniels and Rich the Kid, 2017's "Cocaina" is the ultimate summer party anthem. While this track sits relatively early in their discography, it ages like fine wine. The blissful bossa nova instrumental is filled with tropical guitar, maracas, and distinctive horns that meld seamlessly with the rapping styles of both Rich the Kid and Daniels. The result of this combination is effortlessly catchy lyrics that embody the essence of a wild summer night, and is a must add to your summer party playlist.


"Feel Good"- Polo & Pan

Hailing from France, Paul Armand-Delille (Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Pan) specialize in house and electronic music with a touch of tropical sound. Their musical journey together began in 2012, with the duo frequently remixing pre-existing songs. Soon thereafter, Polo & Pan began to find their own sound and release original music. Through their wide, multilingual discography and a love for collaboration with various artists from around the world, this act has racked up over three million monthly listeners on Spotify and solidified themselves as a versatile group that has made a mark in the both French and English soundscapes.

Classified in the summer staple genre of electronic music, "Feel Good" is a track that definitely lives up to its name. Released in 2020, the instrumental weaves jazzy piano melodies and blissful synths for the ultimate summer vibe. The vocals produced by Polo & Pan are carefully crafted to match the vibe of the instrumental, and with a catchy chorus with an echoing refrain of “feel good, feel good”, this euphoric song will sweep you off your feet.


"Threat of Joy" - The Strokes

While some may say they need no introduction, indie rock band The Strokes have been a musical mogul since their debut in 1998. With over 20 years of iconic music, their large and devoted fanbase have skyrocketed their fame to universal. Hailing from New York City, band members Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr., and Nikolai Fraiture pioneered the indie rock movement in the early 2000s and have continued to stay strong at the top of that genre.

Being the song on this list with the earliest release date, it’s no wonder "Threat of Joy" brings back the nostalgic feeling of a childhood summer with your best friends. Released in 2016 as the third song off the EP Future Present and Past, this song is emblematic of the "past" aspect within the EP's title. Beginning with a playful monologue stating that the now grown band members don't have time to play with each other anymore, this song is full of upbeat acoustic guitar chords and melodic riffs that add a lighthearted feeling to the longing for a carefree and childlike existence.


"Bodies"- Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike began his musical journey in 2017; his stardom has been on a steady incline ever since. While Fike has been one of my personal favorites since his 2018 EP Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, his music has skyrocketed to popularity with the release of his first studio album What Could Possibly Go Wrong in 2020, along with his role in the second season of HBO’s hit show Euphoria. Both projects widened a fanbase that eagerly anticipated his second album release earlier this summer. He is currently selling out shows on his Don’t Stare At The Sun tour, where his stage presence and live vocal ability have been recognized as one of the best in our generation.

"Bodies" is the eighth track off of Dominic Fike’s 2023 album Sunburn and the final track on this list. Featuring campfire-esque guitar chords mixed with clap percussion and vocal chops, the song’s simple yet effective instrumental allows its lyrics and vocals to really shine. The infectious repeating motif of, "It’s ok baby we can start fresh today," has me singing along every time i'm listening to it. With a chorus that includes the astounding Remi Wolf on vocals in the final chorus, it is no wonder that this song is my favorite off the album.


Listen to the full Spotify playlist for this article here.

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