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INOVA+, Live DMA, and European Music Exporters Exchange Launch LIVEMX with $4.4 Million in Funding

INOVA+, Live DMA, and European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE) just launched LIVEMX, a European project focused on nurturing Europe's music scene and sustaining the music ecosystem. The $4.4 billion in funding will go towards creating "capacity-building activities" and providing grants to beneficiaries in the music sector. The project focuses on three main areas of the industry: music venues, digital circulation, and engagement.

Photo by Avij

Live DMA represents more than 3,000 music festivals, clubs, and venues across 16 different countries. The organization works to solidify a more fair, healthy, and sustainable music community by advocating for shared values and uniting fragmented aspects of the live event scenes across Europe. Its place in the consortium advocates for the live event portion of the European music industry and recognizes music venues as spaces of true artistic and cultural value.

Photo by Eduardo Merille

EMEE is a non-profit organization comprised of 30 regional and national Music Export offices spanning across 25 different countries. It utilizes both private and public funding to help European music companies, musicians, and professionals with their export strategies. LIVEMX is perfectly aligned with the mission of EMEE and its dedicated funding will help support a more diverse music scene, as more artists will have access to information and resources surrounding music exportation.

INOVA+ works to provide artists and musicians across Europe with consulting services in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Its stake in LIVEMX revolves around artist and technology development and the fostering of new cutting-edge ideas. Ultimately, LIVEMX is geared towards providing funding for the development and sustainability of every part of the music sector in Europe, as is reflected by its components and partners.


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