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Live Nation Launches Meditation Music App 'Mindful Nation'

Photo by Thomas Nordwest

Meditation apps and music streaming categories have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many of the most popular meditation apps, including the app Deezer, admit to using AI generated music in the backgrounds of their guided practices. In response, Live Nation launched its app Mindful Nation as a way to connect soundtracks created by real musicians with users seeking mindfulness experiences.

Mindful Nation has two options through the Apple App Store, one basic edition that is free and a premium version that costs $4.99. The app offers guided meditations and classes that users can sort through based on class duration, teacher, vibe and more. The music used by the app is created by independent artists from across the globe, such as Mose Musica, Chris IDH, and Janax Pacha.

Photo by Simon A. Eugster

Several notable members of the music community have stepped forward in support of Mindful Nation, including Noel Gallagher of Oasis. Gallagher stated, "Music is the gateway to finding that higher place of peace and this platform will allow for more people to access mediation in a way that makes sense to them. [Mindful Nation is] really cool." It's no secret that music holds a special power to heal, and Mindful Nation's mission of featuring independent artists not only facilitates mental healing, but also helps support the music industry and artist ecosystem.

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