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Live Review: Chris Lake and Fisher "Under Construction" Hollywood Rave

Laser beams flooded the sky as DJs Chris Lake and Fisher shut down Hollywood and Vine to put on the dance party concert of the century, showing Los Angeles natives what rave culture is all about. The duo gained immense popularity in the rave community through their reputable track lists, each producing hit after hit. They are the first DJs to make a full shutdown possible in such a renowned location.

With 12,000 tickets sold, fans aged 21 and up swarmed the streets, eager to enter the gates to the show. The line wrapped around the blocks of Cahuenga and Hollywood Boulevard. Security attempted to control the crowds by enforcing a no-cutting policy, by which the crowd refused to abide. Street vendors tried to sell their knockoff merchandise and glowsticks while promoters handed out flyers for after-parties; the sensory experience was just beginning.

The mouthwatering scent of LA‘s famous street dogs tempted guests, easing anxious jitters as the anticipation to see Chris Lake and Fisher grew. Upon entry sat four real bulldozers working hand in hand with the “Under Construction” concert series title and ultimately adding to the street’s shutdown aesthetic. Though it could’ve been a significant liability, attendees sat on them, taking the perfect picture to post on their social media.

From as far as the entrance, you could feel bass riffs vibrating in your body, making the “feel the music” trajectory literal. As you got closer to the main event, the businesses that occupied the Boulevard remained open for customers to shop and eat at, making the shutdown a win-win situation for everyone involved. Rave culture, while heavily stigmatized, acts as an avenue for self-expression and an escape through electronic music. One fan near the entrance dressed in head-to-toe costume as Judy Jetson stated, "Rave culture is just letting loose and being free, living in the moment, being happy, and spreading peace and love to everyone. Then, going back to reality for a little bit and come back and do it again. That’s how you live life."

The connective energy and hive mind felt in that moment was unmatched. Everyone was there to have good-natured fun while maintaining core rave virtues: peace, love, unity, and respect. Since the event was so large and heavily publicized, many people went simply to be a part of the experience. Another attendee said, "it’s cool, I like it. The lights are just messing with me right now." Because of the exuberant atmosphere and lively environment of the concert, it was hard to remember you were standing right on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You looked down and saw the Hollywood Stars of beloved celebrities, then looked up at Chris Lake and Fisher dancing to the beat of their music.

Claire from Atlanta, Georgia, told us, "I’m a student at USC, so I’m honestly just really happy to be here making LA history." Historical is the best way to describe the magnitude of the once-in-a-lifetime event. The two DJs stood side by side, supporting one another throughout their individual sets and ultimately emphasizing their creative union. Fans jumped and danced as Chris Lake played hits like "Beggin’" and "Turn off the Lights".

Fisher closed the show decked out in his famous uniform: a bucket hat and sunglasses. Audience members could literally feel the heat of the moment through the use of open-fire effects and pyrotechnics shooting out from behind the stage. He played fan favorites such as "World, Hold on", "Atmosphere", and "Losing It". Fisher fans all down the street matched his signature look and replicated his infamous flick of the wrist dance move. They danced and sang the night away to the hits. After the sets were complete, fans desperately pleaded for more. Some fans felt disappointed that there was no encore, while others found the lingering tension in the aftermath of the show uniquely thrilling.


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