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More Musical Matches: Find New Artists Based on Your Favorites

A while back, I wrote an article matching up some musical artists based on notoriety, genre, and vibes, the goal being to bring awareness to more hidden gems of the music industry through comparison to the icons we know and love. Today I wanted to bring that idea back so you can find some new artists to obsess over throughout 2024. Here's yet another curated list of musical match-ups to help you find your new favorite artist based on your pre-existing favorites.


Sam Cooke

Definitely one of the most iconic pioneers of the soul genre, Sam Cooke has a musical legacy that will continue for years to come. Born in 1931, his work was not only influential to the soul scene but also to the Civil Rights Movement in which he played an active role. He began his musical career by singing in a choir and performing in a group alongside his eight siblings, eventually becoming a part of several musical groups before finding his individual success. Many consider him the king of soul music, and his legacy was honored on the Billboard list of top 35 greatest R&B artists of all time.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Bring It On Home To Me"

  • "I Wish You Love"

  • "That's All I Need To Know"

  • "You Send Me"

  • "Nothing Can Change This Love"

Thee Sacred Souls

Alex Garcia, Sal Samano, and Josh Lane make up the Thee Sacred Souls trio. A modern band whose soul and R&B sound mimics that of the greats, Thee Sacred Souls formed in 2020 but sounds like it jumped straight out of the sixties. Their most iconic song "Can I Call You Rose?" has amassed incredible popularity on TikTok, but the rest of their songs are just as enchanting. Their recent performance at the Hollywood Palladium on New Year's Eve proved that their work is as incredible live as it is digitally. If you love the classic style of Sam Cooke, then Thee Sacred Souls is just the band you're looking for.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Running Away"

  • "Can I Call You Rose?"

  • "Weak For Your Love"

  • "Easier Said Than Done"

  • "Will I See You Again?"


Tame Impala

Kevin Parker, professionally known as Tame Impala, is a multi-faceted musical prodigy hailing from Perth, Australia. His most popular track "The Less I Know The Better" has amassed over one billion streams on Spotify–an impressive feat accomplished by few artists. His music has been included in many TV shows and movies, such as the iconic Barbie movie and the summertime staple series The Summer I Turned Pretty. When touring, his project expands to multiple people, adding Dominic Simper, Jay Watson, Cam Avery, and Julien Barbagallo.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Journey To The Real World" (From Barbie The Album)

  • "Borderline"

  • "Let It Happen"

  • "Is It True"

  • "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

Still Woozy

Sven Eric Gamsky works under the pseudonym Still Woozy to create unique alternative indie music sure to help you broaden your musical horizons. While his vibe is very similar to that of Tame Impala, I can honestly say that there is no musical artist quite like Still Woozy. Gamsky began creating music at the age of 13 in his hometown (Moraga, California). Since then, he has developed an esteemed musical persona that demonstrates his 20 years of experience. Fans of groovy beats and alternative music will find at least one track in Still Woozy's discography to claim as their new favorite song.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Window"

  • "BS"

  • "Goodie Bag"

  • "Kenny"

  • "That's Life"


Kim Petras

Kim Petras is undoubtedly the queen of electronic pop with an incredibly distinct voice and numerous radio staples. Her discography features some not-so-PG entries, notably in her album Slut Pop, where she pioneers a genre centered around electronic pop beats layered under raunchy lyrics. Her work might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. With high-profile collaborations like "Unholy" with Sam Smith and "Alive" with Nicki Minaj, anyone looking to create the next pop hit wants to collaborate with the iconic Kim Petras.

Song Recommendations:

  • "XXX"

  • "They Wanna F*ck"

  • "Your Wish is My Command"

  • "Future Starts Now"

  • "Do Me"

Chase Icon

Chase Icon is an artist who has flawlessly balanced social media content creation and genuinely good musical talent. Initially gaining fame through her Twitter account, where she spoke about pop culture and did several celebrity impressions, her collaboration in 2020 with hyper-pop artist Kyunchi brought her musical talent to fans' attention. Since then, she has released many extremely catchy electronic and dance-pop songs. Her raunchy lyrics, while they may not be everyone's cup of tea, are incredibly catchy to me and her instrumentals elicit a party vibe. As someone who is getting increasingly more interested in electronic and dance-pop, Chase Icon has been on repeat for me and is a great artist to check out if you like Petras' music.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Like Me"

  • "SoCal Girl"

  • "Shoes"

  • "Call Your Mom"

  • "Save You From The Streets"


Mac Miller

Malcolm James McCormick, known in the music industry as Mac Miller, was an influential musical artist who dominated the 2010s. While he unfortunately passed away in 2018, his legacy remains alive as he continues to inspire his fans and other artists. His discography is vast, from dance-y rap and r&b tracks like "Knock Knock" to heartfelt lyrically relatable songs like "Good News". Wracking up over 23 million monthly listeners, he is memorialized through his musical talent and dedicated fanbase.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Good News"

  • "Blue World"

  • "Knock Knock"

  • "Love Lost"

  • "Dang!" (feat Anderson .Paak)


Praised in the comments of his TikTok section for their musical likeness, Shea's music is very reminiscent of the earlier works in Mac Miller's discography. His Boston roots strike a particular chord with me as a fellow 617 native, but my attraction to his work stems beyond our shared hometown. His use of both current and old samples in his instrumentals allows him to take a more modern spin on classic beats. His lyricism is compelling and clever, and his vocal tone is unique and clear. He definitely deserves a larger audience, so if you're into old Mac Miller, or just looking for a new artist to support, check out his work.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Best Friend"

  • "Smoke Anotha One"

  • "Still Not a Player"

  • "Tim Duncan"

  • "Back in the Day"


Noah Kahan

Vermont native Noah Kahan has exploded onto the music scene as of late, despite being in the industry since way back in 2017. While he has released many albums and singles that expand on his musical versatility, he is known mostly for his folky 'New England' sound. His heartfelt lyricism doesn't shy away from discussing mental illness, loss, heartbreak, and familial issues, and his upfront honesty within his music allows his fans to see into his life in a real and raw way and connect with his words on a personal level. He is currently re-releasing songs from his latest album 'Stick Season: We'll All Be Here Forever' featuring various artists, proving he also doesn't shy away from musical collaboration.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Homesick"

  • "Maine"

  • "Howling"

  • "Come Over"

  • "The View Between Villages"

Sam Fender

Sam Fender is an indie artist hailing from the United Kingdom. Since the ripe age of 14, Fender has been writing and creating music. His voice is unique and distinguishable, with an accent that sets him apart from other artists within his genre. His debut album Hypersonic Missiles topped the UK chart and solidified him as a notable artist there, but I think he deserves more hype worldwide. His most recent release was actually alongside Kahan himself, with his feature on the song "Homesick" being included in the plethora of re-released 'Stick Season' tracks. His folky vocals blended seamlessly with Kahan demonstrating just how closely their styles align.

Song Recommendations:

  • "Getting Started"

  • "Get You Down"

  • "Seventeen Going Under"

  • "Wild Grey Ocean"

  • "The Borders"



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