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Review: Duckwrth "Chrome Bull DLX"

Jared Leonardo Lee, better known as Duckwrth, emerged from a musical upbringing in South Central Los Angeles. He grew up in a strict hosehold separated from much while growing up. His love of cartoons led him to study graphic design, which he later incorporated into his musical career. His song "Start a Riot" was featured in Marvel's recent Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse film. His album "Chrome Bull DLX", released on October 20, 2023, is a thrilling journey for all listeners to enjoy.

In first track "11:30", which occurs after a brief opening interlude, Duckwrth paints a vivid picture, mentioning kissing a girl on her dimples and setting the tone for the narrative he weaves throughout the project. The way his voice navigates through the song truly makes you feel his positive energy.

"I kissed you on your cheek when you got dimples."

Transitioning to English-French combo track "Ce Soir", Duckwrth describes a stimulating sensory experience with striking imagery. The artist's gifted and outside-of-the-box lyricism proves his potential to reach great heights in the music industry. "Sneaky", the subsequent track, further demonstrates his musical guinius. Duckwrth showcases his ability to flow flawlessly between rap and melodic singing, blurring the lines between the two vocal styles in a deliciously captivating way.

In "Super Saiyan", Duckwrth asserts his independence, embracing his autonomy without owing anything to anyone. His chemistry with collaborator CLAY on "Beg" elevates the track to a top pick from the album. The song centers around the creatives' strong bond both thematically and sonically; it's safe to say that we'll be anticipating other masterpieces from this duo in the future. Lines like “Best way, In the worst way, That’s all me" from "Pray" reveal Duckwrth's duality and emotional depth. He exposes himself as both the good and bad guy. As we later learn through the lyrics, Duckwrth is ready to do anything to achieve his heart's greatest desires. Even on rough days, he promises to lavish his beloved with sweetness and depth.

“Best way, In the worst way, Thats all me”

Transitioning to "007 (Jersey Mix)", Duckwrth boasts global connections, effortlessly navigating from London to France through his musicality. Everything about the arrangement screams "luxury", from suave, string-sounding synths to cinematic chimes throughout the song. The track definitely feels like Duckwrth might be jet-setting around the world on secret missions. "Feel the Feels" introduces Kojey Radical's distinctive vibe to the project, complementing Duckwrth's style with an electrifying, lively energy.

"Mr. Nice 2 Meet U" diverges slightly from the usual Duckwrth vibe, adding an odd yet captivating flavor to Chrome Bull DLX. "Sticky Situation" offers an unfiltered view of the coveted superstar lifestyle, addressing perpetual parties, fleeting romances, and unavoidable scandals (or, "sticky situation(s)"). The original mix of "007" wraps the album up with a fresh yet familiar sound, showcasing Duckwrth's ability to reinvent a track while maintaining its essence. Overall, Chrome Bull DLX is a testament to Duckwrth's imaginative artistry, navigating through diverse sounds and narratives while making each track a unique and compelling listening experience.

Check out the full album below and let us know what you think. What do you want to see covered on Enharmonic Magazine next?



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