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Review: Holly Humberstone "Superbloodmoon" (feat. d4vd)

Super blood moons are a rare occurrence: a type of total lunar eclipse that occurs only when the moon is at its fullest and the earth aligns perfectly between the sun and the moon. Viewable from anywhere across the night side of the earth, the resulting giant, blood-red moon is a sight one's attention can't help but be transfixed by.

Titled after this phenomenon, English singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone's latest single "Superbloodmoon”, featuring d4vd was released on July 28, 2023. The track's name is derived from its lyrical content that envisions two people in different places watching a super blood moon at the same time. It is the third track released off her highly anticipated upcoming album, Paint My Bedroom Black. Joining forces with American singer-songwriter d4vd, alt-pop sensation Humberstone crafts a track that is every bit as alluring as its namesake.

Balancing between upbeat and relaxed, “Superbloodmoon” maintains a laid-back, carefree vibe. The track is engaging from the moment it opens, Humberstone’s smooth vocals gliding effortlessly over acoustic guitar riffs and muted percussion. While vibrant and catchy, its instrumentation retains an understated quality. Minimalistic percussion, breezy acoustics, and bright-toned guitars build an atmosphere that is lighthearted yet calm.

Humberstone's collaboration with rising indie artist d4vd adds a new dimension to "Superbloodmoon".

d4vd's rich, soulful voice stands sharply against Humberstone's light, crisp vocals. Strikingly contrasted and yet seamlessly mergeable, Humberstone and d4vd's dynamic harmonies and layered vocals craft a fresh sound as their voices weave in and out of each other.

Lyrically, “Superbloodmoon” is casual, conversationalist, and straightforward; if relatively unextraordinary, it is at least engaging and earnest. Alternating between verses, Humberstone and d4vd reflect on a fragile, uncertain relationship hampered by a geographic divide. Both express their fears, misgivings, and desires in lyrics that feel directed at each other rather than their audience. It's a stylistic choice that feels strangely intimate–as if one is privy to a private conversation. “I hate telling these stories 'cause I’m petrified”, d4vd admits, while Humberstone casts her own uncertainty over this relationship, questioning, “if you’re still mine.” The song’s title makes its appearance in the outro, Humberstone and d4vd harmonizing as they gaze up at the same remarkable lunar eclipse, each echoing “Super blood moon in the sky / can you see it from where you are?” It's an ending that encapsulates the song's yearning for connection with someone physically, and perhaps emotionally, far away.

"I hate telling these stories 'cause I’m petrified"

"Superbloodmoon" is a song that will pull you in from the moment you press play. Perfect for fans of Gracie Abrams and Maggie Rogers, one can't help but be captivated by the track's immersive atmosphere and engaging lyrics. On "Superbloodmoon", Humberstone and d4vd craft a track you can't help but get caught up in enjoying.

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