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Review: Indigo De Souza “All of This Will End”

Pop meets rock in All of This Will End, a bittersweet indie album by American-Brazilian artist Indigo De Souza. The artist has a discography of music produced by herself and with producers, including Saddle Creek. De Souza has been making and releasing music across platforms since 2016. Her success continues with “All of This Will End”, released in 2023, and its accompanying 2024 tour.


Image of artist Indigo De Souza
photo by Angella Choe

I have been obsessed with the dreamy sound that this artist imbues her music with since 2018, when I heard “What Are We Gonna Do Now” from her album I Love My Mom. The slow, melancholic build to the near-violent explosion of a fast-paced bridge sold the story that the song tells and hooked me. The song shows so perfectly how a relationship starts to dissolve slowly until it ends in a sad but somewhat satisfying explosion of emotion. Other notable songs from the artist include “Boys”, which now has over 11 million streams on Spotify, and “Take Off Your Pants”, which has reached 16 million streams on Spotify.

My affinity for the creative's work continues in her most recent album, which was inspired by the De Souza's time social distancing at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. All of This Will End consists of 11 songs, starting with “Time Back”, a perfect song to inspire a change, similar to a person re-introducing themselves to society after being kept at a distance for an extended period. De Souza ends the short song with a beautiful verse: “hmm, please God forgive me, I've been speaking death”, suggesting that the artist has faced an intense emotional struggle that is followed up with, “and when I come home, When I come home, I will begin again”, which could be interpreted as the end of a life or as a figurative rebirth as the speaker comes out of their isolation and begins to heal from the trauma of that.

“Hmm, please God forgive me, I've been speaking death”

My favorite song from this album is the album's title track, “All of This Will End". The song embodies the themes of growth and change in the album. The song starts with an upbeat tune and moody lyrics, with a relatable comparison between the singer’s emotions and the changing of the weather especially when keeping herself isolated.

“Inside my cage I watch the clouds, getting angry turning dark and raining down”.

The immediate imagery of white fluffy clouds in the first line and the image of those same clouds “getting angry” is a wonderful way to show this unpredictable change in emotion. My favorite verse of the song is the one at the very end. The last two lines rightfully show the theme of the album, closing out with, "I'm only loving, only moving through and trying my best. Sometimes it's not enough, but I'm still real and I forgive”.

"I'm only loving, only moving through and trying my best. Sometimes it's not enough, but I'm still real and I forgive”

Indigo De Souza’s new album has the potential to be relatable to many of us coming out of isolation, from the social distancing during the height of the pandemic to other circumstances that could have caused similar emotions. I am elated to see the artist’s success as she goes on tour and I, along with the many new and old fans, cannot wait to see what is next.

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