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Review: Mk.gee "Two Star & The Dream Police"

When it comes to writing incredible music, Michael Gordan, better known by his stage name Mk.gee, makes things look easy. I was first introduced to Mk.Gee at the end of 2020, the same year he released his first full length mixtape titled A Museum of Contradiction. With songs such as “cz”, “Western”, and “Dimeback” ringing through my headphones over and over, I quickly became a fan.


Fast forward to 2024. A little more than a month into the new year, Mk.gee has gifted his fans and the world a new album with a sound that has only grown richer since his last LP. Two Star & The Dream Police was released to streaming services on February 9th, 2024. It has now been a few weeks since the release, and the 12-song and 33-minute album has not only given the artist another gem in his collection but also a new wave of fans.

Standout Tracks:

  1. "How many miles"

  2. "Are You Looking Up"

  3. "New Low"

  4. "I Want"

  5. "Alesis"

  6. "Breakthespell"

"Little Bit More" The songs "How many miles", "Are You Looking Up", "Little Bit More", "I Want", and "Alesis" all have different elements to them. "How many miles" sets the scene for what the album has in store and gives returning fans a nostalgic feel of his previous songs, while also giving glimpses of his growth as an artist since four years ago. "Are You Looking Up" follows "How many miles" and is my personal favorite song on the LP. Not even two seconds into the tune, Mk.gee begins singing, which is a bit out of the norm for him. Usually he leaves his introductions instrumental-heavy, but I loved the change of pace for this specific track. "Little Bit More" is the second to last song on the album and has a pleasantly surprising second gear, which comes in more than half way through the song. The lyrics, "come on, lady luck, come alive, yeah", usher in this section and Mk.gee himself comes alive, noticeably raising his vocals.

"Come on, lady luck, come alive, yeah"

"I Want" clocks as one of the longest songs on the album, with a runtime of three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. It's one of, if not the, most downtempo pieces on the album. The lyrics make the song stand out, giving insight into Mk.gee's innermost emotions: "Something in my head wants to reiterate / so tell me what you're dreaming about / 'cause I know that there's things you can't quite tell me all the time". "Alesis" stood out to me due to its name and placement, playing right after "I Want". It centers around the songwriter talking to a love interest, with lines like, "why bleed when we don't have to? Yeah, just shut your mouth / I only really want you" pleading with the listener. The lyrics may come off as a little bit aggressive, but the instrumental contrasts with a feel that's groovy enough to dance to, and creates an enjoyable listening experience.

"Why bleed when we don't have to? Yeah, just shut your mouth / I only really want you" 

Mk.gee is truly at his best with this album. His impressive vocal delivery makes each moment of the project one to remember, along with his consistently amazing production. You can't help but sing along with Mk.gee–even if you have yet to learn the lyrics. Upon first listen of Two Star & The Dream Police, I already knew I was in for an experience unique to this artist. Whether you're a returning fan or new to Mk.gee's music, you're sure to be left mesmerized. Hopefully, we won't have to wait another four years to hear from Mk.gee again, but if he's able to deliver music like this every four years...then the wait is worth it.

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Love finding new music!!!


Feb 23

Great article! Gonna listen to this one for sure!

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