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Review: Slater "Lost Industries"

Dreamy, sun-baked Slater has returned once again, and he has done so in impeccable fashion with his new single "Lost Industries". Already having dropped "He's Always Down for Something" earlier in the year, the artist has started off 2024 with a bang, and yet he still seems to have a lot more in store for fans. Slater's previous albums, ESI (2021) and Flight 777 (2019), both prompted a noticeable uptick in fans as hits like "Swallowed My Key" and "I'll Put It on Metal" racked up millions of streams on major streaming services. With a new album on the way, we are undoubtedly about to witness another explosion in his exposure, and it is not hard to imagine that the Southern Californian is right on the precipice of having his major breakthrough moment.


Album art for Slater's new single "Lost Industries"

Announced via Instagram in a March 31 post, "Lost Industries" was teased to fans until its release to streaming platforms on May 6th. This release comes on the heels of an announcement about an upcoming second leg of Slater's tour and a new album, the latter of which should be released imminently. Slater has already toured the West Coast on his ongoing 2024 Still Burnt Tour, including an international show in Mexico, and he will continue to do so throughout the summer, playing shows all around the Eastern and Southern United States. The new single features a solo performance from Slater, co-production from Devin O'Brien, and cover art thanks to fellow Vada Vada member, Cowgirl Clue. Slater hits the listener with his usual divine vocals, mixing that element with an exciting and unique sounding indie rock accompaniment. Though it is hard to call anything that he has dropped a miss, this has to be one of the most on-the-mark songs which Slater has dropped since anything on ESI, and this has fans extremely excited for what is soon to come.

"Never meant to hurt you I just do it for myself; I wear the pain it looks something like a mask, I gotta say I feel something like a rat"

Everyone now waits in anticipation for Slater's new album, and more importantly, the quickly approaching Slater Summer. For those of us who may not be huge fans of the beach or do not have direct access to it, Slater puts vibes of a mid-summer beach day into music perfectly. So, if you find yourself relaxing at some point this summer, wherever it be, flip on some new Slater songs and let the (sound) waves take you away.

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