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Review: spill tab "KLEPTO"

Indie pop newcomer spill tab, also known as Claire Chicha, released her latest EP, KLEPTO, on July 20, 2023. The artist has entranced audiences since 2019, dropping singles and a debut EP (Bonnie, in 2021) in both French and English. Having supported the likes of Gus Dapperton and Sabrina Carpenter on tours, as well as headlined a tour of her own, Chicha is no stranger to the stage. With the KLEPTO EP came a European tour announcement–an exciting surprise for fans worldwide.

Each of the five tracks of KLEPTO introduces a fresh approach to music-making while remaining cohesive and true to the distinctive spill tab sound. Opening song "fetišh" is seductively grungy, with an explosive, distorted chorus emphasizing its massive dynamic range. "Window" perfectly captures the mixed emotions of complicated, on-again off-again relationships. Lyrically, the tune stands out as one of the strongest of the project: "I think I'm done, I think I'm done / Having to hold your hand and keep you over the water". Chicha closes the door on a particular chapter of her life, yet opens a window to keep the possibility of connection alive.

"I think I'm done, I think I'm done / Having to hold your hand and keep you over the water"

The vulnerable "Splinter" showcases Chicha's vocal abilities against an initially minimalistic instrumentation before building into a more intriguing arrangement. Intertwined guitar tracks and high-energy synthesizers add to the song's musical complexity in an unexpected way. "Sunburn"'s playful synth intro feels like Sylvan Esso's edgier, grittier step-sister–in the absolute best way. Upbeat earworm melodies and rapid digital pauses in the music keep listeners engaged and on their toes through the whole tune. Perhaps the sweetest track on KLEPTO, "CRÈME BRÛLÉE!" will keep you coming back for seconds... and thirds. With warped guitars and an upbeat energy, the culminating moments of the EP are addictive: a true sugar rush.

KLEPTO, as a whole, has no skips. The longest song on the EP runs for only three minutes and three seconds, leaving fans to eagerly anticipate spill tab's next move. spill tab's sophomore release ranks as one of Enharmonic Magazine's top EPs of 2023.

Listen to KLEPTO below. What do you want to see covered on Enharmonic Magazine next? Let us know.



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