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SM Entertainment Resolves Contract Dispute With K-Pop Group EXO

Photo by 티비텐

Korean management group and record label SM Entertainment has reached an agreement with K-pop band EXO after a major dispute with the artists. EXO members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin took legal action against SM Entertainment over alleged "slave contracts" that the musicians claimed were irrationally long and failed to uphold payment transparency. Lin Law Firm represented the EXO members and sent several press releases to news outlets during the conflict even though SM Entertainment initially denied the allegations against the agency.

Despite the initial denial, SM Entertainment has since reached an agreement with EXO and Lin Law Firm that will continue the partnership between the band and the entertainment agency. Although specific details are not available to the public, parts of the contract between EXO and SM Entertainment have been modified to better suit each party's interests.

With new agreements reached based on better communication, EXO will move forward with the release of their seventh album EXIST in early July.

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