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Your December Music Horoscope is Here

Happy Holidays, everyone! As winter comes knocking on our doors, it’s time to greet the snowy season with the warmth coming from the fireplace. Let’s close out 2023 with just as much enthusiasm as we came into it, drawing inspiration from the spirited energy of Sagittarius guiding us through the month. To see what December has in store for you, keep reading and keep listening. Happy Holidays, and may the joy of the season illuminate your path into the New Year!



Happy birthday, Sagittarius! In the spirit of it being your season, this month casts a major spotlight on you. With Venus moving into your 12th house of nostalgia on the 5th, people –particularly those from your past– cannot help but feel drawn to you. Bask in your magnetism, but tread lightly around those you wish to keep at bay. On the 13th, the New Moon in your sign highlights your individuality and authentic self. This is the perfect time to prioritize your self-care and well-being, allowing yourself the opportunity to delve into self-discovery and acknowledge your worth. Later in the month, the Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th empowers you to seek inspiration in your everyday life and take an initiative towards creative rebirth. With your passionate and intellectual mindset, there is no limit to your potential for expansion.

Tracks: “Wishful Thinking” by BENEE, “Go Off” by Doja Cat, “Focus” by H.E.R., and “Them Changes” by Thundercat



Capricorn, your tendency to strictly adhere to the safe and predictable is admirable and a testament to your knack for loyalty. However, when the New Moon in Sagittarius rears its head on the 13th, it’s time to embrace nonconformity. Trust in the safety net the universe has set under you, and take the risks necessary for you to reach your fullest potential. On the 13th, Mercury’s retrograde passes through your sign. During this time, it’s key to reflect on your communication style and recognize how you could do so more effectively. Nevertheless, it’s important to stand your ground– particularly regarding disputes in which the other party has consistently demonstrated a commitment to misunderstanding you. Instead of overinvesting your time in pleasing others, seek refuge in other supportive relationships in your life. Ultimately, lasting happiness is frequently found in the connections we nurture and value most. So when the full moon in Cancer on the 27th graces your 7th house of relationships, take the opportunity to prioritize the bonds you hold closest to your heart.

Tracks: “Infrunami” by Steve Lacey, “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos, and Funk Wav, “Dandelion” by Rook Monroe, and “Soulmate” by Mac Miller



Being the progressive, free-spirited air sign you are, Aquarius, December is an excellent time to capitalize on change. With Venus moving into your 11th house of friendships on the 5th, it may be time to flow through different –and, potentially, new– social circles. Take this time to see the world through a new lens, you may learn more than you’d expect. On the 13th, the New Moon places emphasis on your 12th house of dreams. It may benefit you to keep a journal by your bedside and take the time to tune in to what’s brewing in your subconscious. With the Mercury retrograde moving into your 2nd house of material possessions on the 13th, and the Cancer New Moon on the 27th, celestial events in the second half of this month compel you to assess how you spend your time. Reflect on how you can build upon your sense of security in your career and relationships.

Tracks: “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” by Tame Impala, “Navajo” by Masego, and “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar



As winter creeps in through our windows –no matter how tightly we close them… someone please get me an electric blanket– it’s easy to fall into a cozier routine of staying in. However, Pisces, as Venus moves into your 9th house of travel and philosophical expansion on the 5th, it’s time for you to bundle up and explore yourself and your surroundings. It may be time to forge new connections or take the time to explore who and what you already know and love on a deeper level. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 13th lands in your 10th house of career, helping you gain clarity on what you can do to harness your strengths and cultivate unimaginable success in your work. On the 27th, the Full Moon in the nurturing sign of Cancer calls for you to budget time for self-reflection and exploration. Take a moment out of the last few days in the month to crack open your journal and see what comes out when pen hits paper.

Tracks: “See You Again” by Tyler, The Creator and Kali Uchis, “Been Away” by Brent Faiyaz, and “Photosynthesis” by Saba and Jean Deaux



As per usual, Aries, you are a trailblazer this month. With Mercury in Capricorn and moving through your 10th house of public image, those around you will be looking to you for what to do or try next. Hold your head high, and proceed with confidence. While this recognition may feel like a heavy responsibility, it’s important to turn inward for strength and assurance. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th may leave you feeling particularly reflective. Consider carefully what in life you’d like to explore further, be it a new passion project, travel destination, or relationships, and venture there boldly. The final full Moon of the year on the 27th illuminates your 4th house of family. While the December holidays typically consist of avoiding encounters with your more peculiar family members, this cosmic shift suggests finding an unexpected common ground within your bloodline. Keep an eye out for unexpected connections, or at the very least a funny story.

Tracks: “Attention” by Doja Cat, “Bloom” by The Paper Kites, “Lost” by Frank Ocean, and “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend



T’is the season of love and relationships, Taurus. A loyal earth sign, your close friends know that you always have their back. However, as Venus transitions into Scorpio on the 5th, it’s important to assess your relationships. It may become clear to you that your values have shifted regarding different people in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to let anyone go, but communicating your needs to the ones you cherish most is crucial to maintaining and furthering these bonds. This theme continues well into December, as the New Moon on the 13th highlights your 8th house of intimate connections. Take time to reflect on how you’re spending your time, and in whose company. On the 27th, the Full Moon in Cancer may open up the floor for heartfelt conversations which may mend broken connections or strengthen the ones closest to you.

Tracks: “affection” by BETWEEN FRIENDS, “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS” by Tyler, The Creator, “Les” by Childish Gambino, and “Hands Down” by The Greeting Committee



This month is all about self-reflection for you, Gemini. With Venus moving into your 6th house of health and routine, it's time to assess if your indulgences align with your well-being. A sweet treat a day can keep other problems at bay, but it’s important to practice habits with long-term benefits as much as you do immediate gratification. The New Moon in Sagittarius launches itself into your 7th house of relationships on the 13th. Take advantage of this cosmic re-set in your relationships, as your heightened ability for communication during this time may yield more productive conversations. Finally, as the Full Moon in Cancer draws the curtains on 2023 and blesses your 2nd house of esteem and financial security, consider how the significant relationships in your life influence your own sense of security.

Tracks: “Static” by Steve Lacey, “Confidence” by Ocean Alley, and “IN THE AIR” by Destin Conrad



Though Cancer season is quite far away, this month casts you as a main character– or at least the esteemed love interest. As Venus graces your 5th house of love and pleasure in early December, anticipate an exciting shift in your romantic life. Enjoy this revamp in affections, but consider refining the traits you seek in a connection before diving head-first, ensuring that they align with what is necessary for a lasting and meaningful relationship. This charming theme continues well into the month, as the Mercury retrograde through Capricorn graces your 7th house of partnerships. You may be feeling particularly confident and compelled to take more romantic risks, and I say go for it! Finally, the Full Moon in your sign illuminates your 1st house of identity on the 27th. Take this lunar shift to reflect and refresh, and ask yourself how you can become a renewed and more authentic version of yourself.

Tracks: “Halley’s Comet” by Billie, “Bless the Telephone” by Labi Siffre, and “Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles



Two words summarize December for you, Leo: emotional foundations. With Venus entering your 4th house of family and roots on the 5th, it's time to establish which emotional investments most deserve your attention. On the 13th, The New Moon in Sagittarius brings a fresh start to your creative endeavors in the 5th house. Remember the strong roots of your confidence, and embrace the freedom to act on your creativity without seeking external validation. As Mercury retrogrades through your 6th house of work and daily routines on the same day, exercise caution in your organizational landscape. Be particularly mindful of crucial deadlines to set the tone for a productive New Year. When the Full Moon in Cancer rises on the 27th, it will reveal the reality hidden behind any illusions. Embrace a pragmatic outlook instead of indulging in fantasy. Although reality may not carry the enchantment of daydreams, acknowledging its significance gives us the strength to make the best choices for our future.

Tracks: “Real Love Baby” by Father Misty, “LOYALTY” by Kendrick Lamar, and “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun



Being one of the more objective of the signs, take December as a time to explore your creative energy, Virgo. As Venus moves into Scorpio on the 5th, take stock of your creative endeavors and assess whether they still align with your values. It may be time to try something new or refine your efforts in past projects. The New Moon in Sagittarius shines upon your 5th house of emotional expression on the 13th. Take this as an opportunity to note your goals for the upcoming year. While you may be keen on making lists, it may be a good idea to turn those indexed ambitions into a vision board to fully understand and manifest your potential. The Cancer Full Moon on the 27th may leave you particularly sentimental. Take the time to exercise gratitude for the ones who have been by your side all year. A little bit of extra love goes a long way.

Tracks: “SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” by Tyler, The Creator, Brent Faiyaz, and Fana Hues, “Feels like Summer” by Childish Gambino, and “Out of Tune” by The Backseat Lovers



December is investment season for you, Libra. As Venus enters Scorpio and your 11th house of abundance on the 5th, it’s important to assess where you’re allocating your precious time. See your time as the currency you can invest into spiritual and emotional abundance, and don’t waste it on things that are not worthwhile. The New Moon in Sagittarius landing in your 9th house of travel on the 13th, understand the value of cultivating inner confidence. You deserve to stand in the spaces you occupy. Under the Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th, take stock of the aspirations you wish to bring with you into 2024. Don’t be afraid to dream big and have faith in yourself.

Tracks: “Holy” by King Princess, “Power Trip” by J. Cole and Miguel, and “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac



Scorpio, December is the month for you to protect and harness your sense of freedom. With Venus in your sign from the 5th, feel at liberty to float through the spaces in which you feel the most loved and respected. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 13th highlights your 2nd house of financial abundance. Use your mysterious and meticulous nature to optimize the benefits you can reap in all facets of your life. Finally, the Full Moon in Cancer on the 27th compels you to reach for new horizons and explore the opportunities ahead, swiftly guiding you toward a promising New Year.

Tracks: “Liz” by Remi Wolf, “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson, “Wishful Thinking” by BENEE, and “AUGUST IS A FEVER” by Ella Jane

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