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Your July Music Horoscope is Here

Happy July and, more importantly, happy Cancer season! The warmth of the summer has revitalized our energies and has us all ready for a memorable summer. To find out more about what July has in store for you–and the songs you can play to match the vibe–keep reading.



While sensitive Cancer can sometimes feel compelled to perceive as opposed to confront, until July 22, Cancer is called to assert itself and express its desires. It's a time to speak up about your feelings much more directly than you’re used to. Your emotional intelligence may be heightened, making you more sensitive to perceived slights.

Recommended tracks: "I DONT WANT 2 BE UR FRIEND" by Devon and "Sunshine" by Steve Lacy

From the 22nd until the end of the month, the Sun moves into Leo, and it's a good time to bask in the confidence you’ve gained from the past 3 weeks and reward yourself.

Recommended tracks: "Woman" by Doja Cat and

"Sexy Villain" by Remi Wolf



This month is an interesting mix of energies for you, Leo. Until the 22nd, the sun is in Cancer, which may have thrown you off from your extroverted nature if it weren’t for Mercury and Venus’ placements during this time, which will help boost your confidence. Take this time to focus on self-betterment and seizing opportunities that may come your way.

Recommended track: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears

On the 22nd, the sun moves into Leo. Get ready to shine, Leo. Your self-confidence will be at its peak during this time, so it's a favorable moment to go after what you want!

Recommended tracks:

"Heartbeat" by Childish Gambino and "Attention" by Doja Cat



Mercury, your ruling planet, is making some big moves this month, Virgo. From the beginning of July until the 11th, Mercury’s time in Cancer compels you to reconnect with your emotions and foster a greater understanding of your wants and needs.

Recommended Track: "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi

Once Mercury enters Leo, though, it’s time to break out of your shell and make your presence known!

Recommended Track: "Golden" by Harry Styles

Finally, on July 28, Mercury re-enters Virgo and your analytical and communicative skills are only sharpened. Take this time to harness your strengths to fulfill your goals.

Recommended Track: "VIRGO’S GROOVE" by Beyonce (because obviously...)



Libra, your ruling sign, Venus, will be in your friendship zone throughout the month, emphasizing stronger platonic connections than romantic. This is a great time to bond with friends and tend to your friendships like a garden.

Recommended Track: "Ribs" by Lorde

However, be cautious of tension within your relationships. Starting on the 22nd, Venus goes into retrograde, potentially causing instability in relationships and leaving you uncertain. Focus on self-recognition reflection, redirecting your energy inwards, and strengthening the security within yourself off of which your relationships should build.

Recommended Tracks: "Good Days" by SZA and "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus



Scorpio, this month begins with Mars in Leo, urging you to channel your devoted nature into work projects and seek validation in your career. Focus on your drive and passion!

Recommended Track: "REEL IT IN" by Aminé

As Mars moves into Virgo, known for its more analytical and observant nature, conflicts may arise in your relationship dynamics. Be mindful of your tendencies towards mystery and secrecy, and do what you can to communicate with the people in your life through the lens of understanding and love.

Recommended Tracks:

"Slide" by Calvin Harris and "Meet Me At Our Spot" by THE ANXIETY



Sag, until the 22nd the sun remains in cancer and emphasizes the passion and intensity of your emotive energy. Take the former end of the month to focus on embracing your nurturing qualities to deepen intimacy in your relationships.

Recommended Tracks: "Earth" by Mac Miller (feat. Future) and "I Lived" by OneRepublic

Once we reach Leo season, though, shift your attention to demonstrating your skills and knowledge, as Leo encourages attention and recognition in the areas of learning and expansion. Embrace the fiery energy of Leo season and avoid hiding your talents.

Recommended Track: "Monte Carlo" by Remi Wolf



In July, partnerships and intimacy become important for you, Capricorn. Under the influence of the heartfelt Cancer Sun, it's a time to prioritize emotional connection and closeness in both personal and professional relationships. Instead of generic gestures and basic conversation, focus on genuine care and fostering unique and personalized bonds with others.

Recommended Track: "Like Real People Do" by Hozier

As the Sun enters Leo in the latter half of the month, your attention to deepening intimacy in your relationships becomes all the more important. Although this area feels private to you, Leo encourages you to explore more showy and daring demonstrations of affection. Embracing discomfort and stepping out of your comfort zone during this time will lead to growth and stronger connections, even if it challenges your sometimes closed-off nature.

Recommended Track: "Love Galore (Alt Version)" by SZA



Aquarius, the Cancer Sun shines its light on the Health and Wellness portion of your life, urging you to prioritize self-care in nourishing your body with proper diet and exercise. Embracing this cosmic influence may help you strike a balance between physical well-being and emotional release, possibly through activities like swimming or yoga.

Recommended Track: "Home To Another One" Madison Beer

And get excited, Aquarius, because starting on the 22nd, the Sun moves into Leo, its favored and ruling sign, bringing a boost to the relationship sector of your life. Focus your energy on attention and generosity, emphasizing the significance of connection and mutual care during this period.

Recommended Track: "Honey" by Rook Monroe



Pisces, the first three weeks of July bring a surge of energy in your romance and social life thanks to the Sun’s position in Cancer. Being a more sensitive individual, your unique way of connecting with partners, the world, and friends may confuse more rational signs, but your focus on the depth of your experiences in nature, art, and intimate moments fulfills your romantic desires. Avoid loud and crowded spaces; your true romance thrives in the subtleties and delicate moments of life.

Recommended Tracks: "Glitter" by BENEE and "The Last of the Honey Bees" by Sam Burchfield

As the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd, get ready for an energetic shift that will maximize aspects of your health and wellness. This transition will bring a refreshed focus and determination to your workout regimen, and empower you to channel your energy more efficiently and effectively towards achieving your fitness goals.

Recommended Tracks: "DNA" by Kendrick Lamar and "CUFF IT" by Beyonce



Dear Aries, brace yourself for a playful and mischievous adventure as Mars charges through Leo, catalyzing the fun and romantic facets of your life and inspiring youthful energy.

Recommended Track: "Electric Love" by BØRNS

However, starting from July 10th, Mars enters reliable and objective Virgo, impacting your House of Routine, and signaling a shift towards working harder. So, enjoy a playful start to the month, but be prepared to buckle down and focus on your responsibilities soon after.

Recommended Tracks: "BREAK MY SOUL" by Beyonce and "Liar Liar" by Avicii



July for you, Taurus, brings dynamic changes due to internal turbulence. Your ruling planet of Venus will begin a retrograde period in Leo, lasting about a month. During the first few weeks of July, before the retrograde, Venus brings a relaxed and comfortable energy to your home life, encouraging relaxation and indulgence.

Recommended Tracks: "Mystery Lady" by Masego and "ALL MINE" by Brent Faiyaz

During the retrograde, however, restlessness may disrupt your home environment, making it a less ideal time for any home-related projects.

Recommended Tracks: "Greek Tragedy" by The Wombats and "Tungs" by The Frights



Gemini, this July, your ruling planet Mercury is in the spotlight, displaying its agile and versatile nature. With its journey through three different signs, it perfectly matches your quick-thinking and adaptable tendencies. Remember to stay attuned to the subtle shifts in Mercury's influence as it transitions through each sign, as they hold valuable insights for you:

From now until July 11th, Mercury is in nurturing Cancer, bringing energy to your financial area. This time may prompt sentimental purchases or the use of gifts as a means of reconnecting with people from your past.

Recommended Track: "Something in the Orange" by Zach Bryan

Mercury makes its way into Leo on the 10th, exerting a particular influence on your Communication sector. This combination implies a strong tendency towards ostentation and egotism. The convergence of Leo, Communication, and Mercury points towards a potential surge in social media activity, for instance. Gemini, you’re a catch and you know it. Don’t be shy in advertising your greatness, but be cognizant of the intensity of your self-enthusiasm.

Recommended Track: "Midnight Sky" by Miley Cyrus

Finally, Mercury transitions to Virgo, enhancing the influence on your 4th House of Home. Mercury seeks refuge in Virgo, allowing it to manifest through acts of service and meticulous attention to detail, especially in your physical space.

Recommended Tracks: "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson and "I Think I Like When It Rains" by WILLIS

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