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Your May Music Horoscope is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s nearly time to bask in the summer sun and I’ve personally never been more ready. All the hard work you’ve committed to over the winter months has paid off, and the stars are aligning for you to enjoy the turn of the season. It’s time to defrost and start curating those summer playlists for top-down drives with friends. Wondering what to add to your cosmic queue? Keep reading and keep listening.



Happy birthday, Taurus! This month is all about you, and the stars seem to be aligning for this to ring true! Starting strong with a New Moon in Taurus on the 8th, expect a boost in confidence– particularly surrounding your instincts. This is an ideal time to take action and speak your mind. The Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus (for the first time in over 80 years!) on April 20th has set the precedent for meaningful change in your life. Throughout the month of May, expect opportunities to propel yourself closer to your goals. If and when these opportunities arise, take them with enthusiasm– even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Let the warmth of the impending-summer sun fuel your enthusiasm and drive as you journey towards your goals. This month, putting quick, inspired changes above slow development is crucial. Seek inspiration from those you look up to, and surround yourself with people you trust to support your endeavors. 

Tracks: “Basement Jack” by Steve Lacey, “Lavender Buds” by MF DOOM, and “The Right To Love Us” by Talib Kwelik, Madlib, and Mac Miller



Gemini, this month is all about patience and communication for you. While everyone is eagerly anticipating the turn from spring to summer, you may be feeling it more than others. Prioritize clarity in your actions over speedy solutions As Mercury goes direct and the sun enters your sign in the latter end of the month, you may be feeling particularly apt to communicate practically and effectively. Harness this ability to forge new connections, and strengthen old ones. When Jupiter enters Gemini on the 26th, open-mindedness and intimate connections are at the forefront of your mind. Embrace sentimentality and take opportunities to connect with and learn from others to help you better connect with your authentic self.

Tracks: “Overthinking IT” by WILLOW, “Trust” by Brent Faiyaz, and “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar



Cancer, May has the potential to be very fruitful for you. The beginning of the month marks a powerful time for setting intentions and breaking old habits. Take the time to understand which actions you take make you feel the most genuinely happy, and embrace those wholeheartedly. With all your energy concentrated on these facets of your life, it will be easier to break up with old, limiting habits and patterns. The New Moon on the 8th provides clarity on how you may want to pursue your goals– and who you want by your side as you accomplish them. As the weather gets nicer by the day, harness any feelings of revitalization into learning. Whether this takes form in an academic setting or in nurturing friendships, putting your best foot forward to pursue new experiences will set you up for success all summer long. Finally, as Mercury squares Pluto on the 17th, you may experience difficulty in communication. Approach conflicts with sincerity and empathy, seeking solutions in quality time and genuine understanding.

Tracks: “Waterfalls” by TLC, “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” by Taylor Swift, and “Small Talk” by Briston Maroney



Leo, May is all about positive change for you. A fire sign like yourself, facilitating change for progress in any aspect of your life can fuel and energize you. However, with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and Sagittarius full moon this month, it’s important not to lose sight of your emotional needs. Stay with vulnerable emotions when they arise, and understand how they can help align you with the best decisions. When Venus squares Pluto on the 1st, a shift in your career or love life is possible. Embrace any opportunities for positive progress, but avoid impulsivity. Finally, amidst the whirlwind of busy changes, it’s important to prioritize your physical and mental health. Whether this means taking a morning to sleep in or an evening by yourself, seek ways to maintain balance during this period.

Tracks: “Following the Sun” by SUPER-Hi and NEEKA, “Hypotheticals” by Lake Street Dive, and “Slow Down” by Skip Marley and H.E.R.



Virgo, this first month of pseudo-summer presents you with the opportunity for reflection and self-care before a potential kick into high gear as the season progresses. Take time to reflect on consistent patterns in your life, understanding how you can act in a way that demonstrates your core values. Understand what you’re fighting for, and how your habits mirror that. With the full moon in Sagittarius illuminating your 4th house of family and self-care later in the month, May is an ideal time to reconnect with your roots and re-establish the practices that allow you to bring love into your life and the lives of others. As May rolls into June, embrace the opportunity for change with the comfort of an established support system. Despite any setbacks, the ones closest to you are there to catch you if you fall.

Tracks: “Provider” by Frank Ocean, “Good Days” by SZA, and “Way Back Home” by Cordae and Ty Dolla $ign



Libra, the shift in seasons that May promises is reflected in your outlook this Taurus season. In the beginning of the month, you’re feeling motivated to maintain a positive outlook, despite any challenges you may face. Uphold this optimism in the way you know best: connecting with others. Avoid fixating on negativity by co-creating your desired present and future with the ones you love. However, don’t avoid your problems altogether. With Venus squaring with Pluto in the first half of the month, it’s important to face your issues and prioritize your own self-care before helping others. Finally, with the start of Gemini season in the latter half of the month, you are feeling light and sociable. Enjoy this carefree, spontaneous energy, focusing your energy on soul-nourishing activities such as connecting with nature, exploring new hobbies, and spending quality time with loved ones. 

Tracks: “Sedona” by Houndmouth, “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, and “August” by flipturn



Scorpio, this month revolves heavily around your connections with others. The intuitive water sign that you are, you seek relationships with people to whom you feel genuinely connected. As Venus squares Pluto this month, you may gain clarity on your relationship patterns. Use this understanding to assess your current relationships, and release the ones that don’t feel authentic and fulfilling. As Venus is conjunct with Uranus on the 18th, it’s likely that you’ll see developments in your romantic life. Embrace opportunities for commitment where they feel right. Additionally, if you encounter any opportunities for collaborative projects, search for partners who match your level of investment. 

Tracks: “WATERBOYZ” by EARTHGANG, JID, and J. Cole, “Wavy (Interlude)” by SZA and James Fauntleroy, and “Better” by Khalid



Sagittarius, have you been feeling like life is pulling you in a lot of different directions lately? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, explore curiosity before seeking solutions. Take time to slow down and listen to your inner monologue. When Venus squares Pluto on the 1st, you are presented with the opportunity to confront any mental torment. Take this period to prioritize your mental and physical health so you can enjoy the summer months ahead as the arrive. Embrace this preparatory stage– With the onset of Gemini season in the latter half of the month, you’ll be feeling much more in-tune with yourself, and ready to enjoy the sunshine season. With the full moon in your sign on the 23rd, you’ll be shining under the spotlight once more. As May rolls into June, prepare for your social opportunities to ramp up. This may be a time to reconnect with friends and loved ones, to plan exciting adventures, and to live life to the fullest.

Tracks: “Funny Thing” by Thundercat, “waves- Tame Impala Remix” by Miguel and Tame Impala, and “Sweet to Me” by Summer Salt



Capricorn, May is all about stepping out of your comfort zone (sorry!!!!). A devoted earth sign, I know you love your structure. But, when something isn’t sitting right with you, it’s important that you express yourself. This may manifest itself in your romantic life– take the leap of faith to express what’s in your heart. Speaking authentically can only deepen the connections you should truly value– the nerves are merely a symptom of vulnerability. At the beginning of the month, assess how well you’re balancing all facets of your life. Now is the time to prioritize genuine care over obligation: If you’re stretching yourself too thin, release any commitments you’re holding that do not align with your values. Finally, it’s important that you pursue opportunities that spark joy. Venus squaring Pluto on the 1st sets the stage for a month devoted to the pursuit of happiness. Additionally, the new moon in Taurus brings you fresh creative inspiration. Embrace the opportunity to recharge.

Tracks: “Sober” by Childish Gambino, “I DONT WANT 2 B UR FRIEND” by Devon, and “Following the Sun” by SUPER-Hi and NEEKA



Aquarius, this month promises security in your relationships– so long as you let it in. Establish healthy boundaries, reflecting your values and protecting what's dear to you. Believe in yourself, unlocking hidden aspects and facing challenges confidently. The new moon on the 8th offers an opportunity to refresh social dynamics; use this time to address any grievances through open and honest conversations. As Gemini season approaches later in the month, the social energy turns outward, presenting an opportunity for social expansion. Utilize your newfound stability to expand the depths of your relationships and explore new areas with friends and family, embracing the connections that bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

Tracks: “BEST INTEREST” by Tyler, The Creator, “Coal” by Dylan Gossett, and “Lancaster Nights” by Charlie Burg



Pisces, tap into your energy by deepening self-knowledge and reconnecting with your values this month. May is a crucial time to communicate and uphold boundaries, prioritizing your perspective. Put health over obligations, recognizing the importance of self-care amidst a busy schedule. Avoid constantly rushing through your life. May also brings about an abundance of inspiration. With ideas flowing freely, embrace the Venus conjunct Uranus on May 18 for creative breakthroughs. Journaling can help unravel divine messages and uncover deeper meanings from chaotic thoughts.

Tracks: “White Ferrari” by Frank Ocean, “Riot!” by Earl Sweatshirt, “Make it Better” by Anderson .Paak and Smokey Robinson, and “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino



Aries, embrace big changes at your own pace, aligning with your emotions for a gentler way of living. This month marks a time for you to celebrate triumphs after setbacks, avoiding arrogance, and applying lessons to grow in compassion. Maintain energetic momentum following the conclusion of your sun season, staying focused through transformative moments. As Gemini season approaches, enjoy carefree energy to nurture creativity. Whether it manifests in spontaneous beach trips or scoping out a cute new cafe, seek lighthearted inspiration to explore new avenues for self-expression.

Tracks: “Dead to Me” by Kali Uchis, “Wait a Minute!” by WILLOW, and “What I Got” by Sublime

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