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Your September Music Horoscope is Here

Fasten your seatbelts for this one. We're in for a MONTH.



Happy birthday, Virgo! Summer may have come to a close, but sunshine excitement remains in the cards for you this season. For the first half of the month, ruling planet Mercury will be retrograding through your sign. As a result, you’ll likely be experiencing some more of the same balance-achieving energy that propelled you through August. Look out for mix-ups and delays during this period. Don’t worry, though, your birth month isn’t all introspection and confusion. With the first week of the month delivering a series of trine aspects between lucky planet Jupiter as well as both the sun and Mercury in your sign, it’s a perfect time to accept and invite exciting and adventurous energy into your life. As an earth sign, you love planning and consistency. But trust me, Virgo, taking this transformative period to expect and accept the unexpected will only bring the growth opportunities that come with spontaneity. Live a little!

Tracks: “Deserve Me” by Kali Uchis, “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder, “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac, and “Keep Driving” by Harry Styles



September is going to be kind to you, Libra! With the end of Venus’ retrograde on the third, you’re on track to regain a sense of harmony in your social life. You may be feeling less drawn to overanalysis of your social dynamics and intentions at this time. Take the much-needed breather to bask in the ease of your relationships, just remember to trust your gut in case you ever truly feel thrown off.

Tracks: “Colors" by Black Pumas, “Umbrella” by Rihanna, and “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede and Björn Skifs



Scorpio, this month is all about comradery. With the combination of Virgo season and Mercury retrograde in the first half of the month, a spotlight will be shown upon your friendships. This energy within your sense of community and belongingness challenges you to be more open with your peers, and to collaborate with others wherever and whenever possible. If you run into any drama, veer away from indulging in the negative energy and redirect your attention to your career until it dissipates. But, if there’s any reason you reallllyyyy need to get involved, remember that communication is hazy for everyone at this time, so it’s important that you have your facts and intentions in line before making any grand confrontations.

Tracks: “Tongue Tied” by GROUPLOVE, “Peach” by Kevin Abstract, and “Wait a Minute!” by WILLOW



Sagittarius, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that any delays you have in completing projects within your career in this month are not necessarily all your fault. The bad news is that the Mercury retrograde, particularly paired with the sun’s comfortable positioning in Virgo, is emphasizing your career and ambition this month. If you stay confident in your innate competence and energetic abilities, you can power through this retrograde with the assurance of abundance at the end. With the Virgo new moon on September 14th, you can expect prosperous energy in your career. Being the passionate, excited fire sign that you are, Sag, I have to remind you to resist the urge to get lost in fanciful fantasies and instead focus on the practical ways that you can work toward tangible success. Keep your head up and your energy high, and you’ll have a great month!

Tracks: “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar, “Pineapple Skies” by Miguel, and “Oxytocin” by Billie Eilish



Capricorn, exciting cosmic alignments are in store for you this month as both the sun and Mercury form fortunate trines with Jupiter in your fifth house of passion and creativity. Take advantage of the first week to revisit past ideas, romantic pursuits, or creative projects that may have been neglected. Find inspiration and energy to breathe life back into forgotten endeavors. However, beware of Mercury's retrograde in your ninth house of knowledge, which may cloud your big-picture goals. Embrace the spontaneous and unknown, as Virgo's organized approach may not be your style. With Mercury's retrograde ending on September 15th and the Virgo new moon occurring on the day prior, a prime opportunity for manifestation emerges. Set intentions aligned with your growth and development aspirations, whether they involve philosophical exploration, spiritual expansion, or a complete paradigm shift. Trust in your adaptability, Capricorn, and seize the unexpected opportunities for growth and abundance.

Tracks: “Love Galore (Alt Version)” by SZA, “Temptation” by Joey Bada$$, and “my future” by Billie Eilis



Aquarius, during this Virgo season and Mercury retrograde, your eighth house comes into sharp focus. The eighth house delves into matters of sex, taboos, death, and shared possessions. Take this time for deep reflection and inner healing, untying the emotional knots that may have bound your heart over time. Do not hesitate to place your mental well-being first, granting yourself the necessary time and space for transformation. Explore the depths of your inner self, embracing all aspects of yourself as they become clear to you. As a beacon of hope, the conclusion of Venus's retrograde on September 3 promises clarity and momentum in your seventh house of partnerships, enhancing your ability to navigate complex relationships and embrace personal growth.

Tracks: “Nights” by Frank Ocean, “Broken Clocks” by SZA, and “Time Machine” by WILLOW



Pisces, this month could either go very well or very poorly for you. Mercury retrograde is causing turbulence in your relationship sector. So until September 15, it’s best to tread carefully during disagreements. Luckily, though, empathy and emotional intuition come naturally to you. Use your innate abilities to navigate these difficult conversations with sensitivity and love. Frankly, it might be a good time to close the loop on stale arguments. Just choose your words wisely and avoid taking things personally. It's time to move forward. This month is all about relationships for you, Pisces. You will not be bored, and certainly will not be lacking in daydream material.

Tracks: “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, “Wasteland, Baby!” By Hozier, and “Channel Orange in Your Living Room” by Charlie Burg



Aries, this month is going to be very exciting for you. Last month, career goals took center stage as you navigated the challenges of Venus retrograde. Your romantic life had to take a backseat as you balanced various relationships and financial matters. But here's the good news: Venus retrograde concludes on the 3rd, bringing newfound clarity and excitement to your love and dating life. It's the perfect time to embrace boldness and confidence in your dating endeavors. Additionally, your ruling planet Mars will be touring your partnerships sector throughout September, underlining the significance of your romantic relationships. Give some extra attention to your love life, savor the clarity, and seize the opportunities that come your way—this month promises positive shifts in your romantic adventures!

Tracks: “California Friends” by The Regrettes, “Lancaster Nights” by Charlie Burg, and “Maneater” by Daryl Hall and John Oates



Taurus, September brings a cosmic shift in your favor. Your ruling planet, Venus, wraps up its retrograde journey on September 3rd, bringing smoother sailing in matters of romance, friendship, and home life. On September 4th, Jupiter begins a four-month retrograde in your sign, urging you to delve into your belief system and explore uncharted aspects of your being. This month's dominant theme is a thrilling blend of adventure and relationship growth, whether it's strengthening bonds with others or embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Despite your love for stability, you may find yourself inclined to take calculated risks. Trust your intuition and relish the exciting adventures September has in store for you.

Tracks: “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone, “Talk Too Much” by COIN, and “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club



As September unfolds, your cosmic ruler Mercury is in the midst of a frustrating retrograde, signaling a slow start to the month. However, you can use this time to savor the last remnants of summer and appreciate life's simple pleasures. Don’t worry, it won’t be slow for long! The new moon in Virgo on September 14 brings fresh beginnings in your private life, offering an opportunity to manifest exciting changes, perhaps even new connections. The following day, Mercury retrograde ends, allowing you to take swift action on your lunar intentions without its disruptive influence. Expect obstacles to smooth out, and embrace this chance to revitalize your personal sphere. Whether it's welcoming someone new into your life or conducting an at-home ritual, seize this moment, Gemini.

Tracks: “I’ve Been In Love” by Jungle and Channel Tres, “Funny Thing” by Thundercat, “Designer” by Balu Brigada, and “Basement Jack” by Steve Lacey



This month is all about communication for you, Cancer. As Mercury retrogrades through your third house of correspondence until September 15th, social confusion and awkwardness may be more common than usual. Take a moment to reflect on your social intentions and adapt as best you can. On September 14th, the Virgo new moon rises in your communication sector, ushering in an energetic wave of fresh ideas and emotionally stimulating conversations for the year ahead. This is the perfect time for you to channel your emotions into writing, whether in the form of poetry, songwriting, or letter-sending. Embrace this month as an opportunity to enhance your communication skills and forge deeper connections with those around you, allowing your words to touch hearts and foster growth in your relationships. September is your canvas for self-expression and meaningful dialogue.

Tracks: “Photosynthesis” by Saba and Jean Deux, “Candle Flame” by Jungle and Erick the Architect, and “Sour Candy” by Melt



Leo, your birthday season may have come to a close, but you’re just getting started this month! Venus has concluded its retrograde journey through your sign, offering you newfound self-assurance and clarity on your values. It's time to leverage this confidence and channel your creative energies into tangible, real-world projects. With Virgo's influence in your second house of financial standing and material possessions, focus on value-oriented pursuits and embrace physical pleasures. This month, trust in your inner radiance, and you'll shine with style and confidence, ready to make your mark.

Tracks: “She wants me (to be loved)” by The Happy Fits, “Kiss It Better” by Rihanna, “Woman” by Doja Cat, and “Sexy Villain” by Remi Wolf

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