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10 Songs to Add to Your Almost-Summer Mix ASAP

June is here, which means summer is right around the corner: the sun’s staying out longer, the trees are blooming, and playlists are getting a lot happier. 'Tis the season for turning the music up a little louder than normal, and perhaps rolling the windows down in your car despite the temperature barely hovering above 65 degrees (don’t worry, that’s what seat warmers are for). If you’re anything like me and are anticipating the warm-weather days ahead, these songs are what your playlist needs to embody that late-spring fever.

“Can’t Just Call Me” - Blake and Miles

Blake and Miles are brothers with a passion for music creation. Though their fanbase is still relatively small, their infectiously high-energy music captivates audiences from the first listen. The duo has been independently breaking into the music industry over the past few years, gaining a following by promoting their music on TikTok. As a matter of fact, I found “Can’t Just Call Me” when one of their videos went viral and showed up on my For You page.

“Can’t Just Call Me” has made numerous appearances on my own feel-good playlists for years now, and it’s time for it to make its way onto yours as well. The track hooks you in with a hypnotic beat, quickly leading up to a strong and energetic first verse. The chorus is irresistibly catchy, but its dynamic tempo keeps you on your toes. The song perfectly encapsulates the vitality and spirit of early summer we all know and love, making it the perfect breezy addition to your current rotation.

“Everywhere”- Fleetwood Mac

A legendary British-American rock band from the 70s, Fleetwood Mac is renowned for their distinctive incorporation of rock, pop, folk, and blues elements in their songs. Though the band was a cultural emblem over 20 years ago, their anthemic discography continues to captivate new listeners, cultivating a uniquely diverse fan base that defies generational gaps. The band’s timelessness can be widely attributed to their music’s genre-blending and lyrical intricacy, which continues to resonate with seasoned fans and new listeners alike.

Another staple in my audio diet, “Everywhere” is my personal favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Characterized by its glittery intro and upbeat rhythm, the song conveys a sense of excited infatuation and longing. The chorus’ adoring hook, “I want to be with you everywhere”, feels hopeful, reminding us all of those inherent feelings of falling in love. As the song fades out in a dreamy repetition of the chorus, you’ll continue through your queue in a lingering daze of joy and warmth.

“Cold Cold Man”- Saint Motel

Saint Motel was formed in early-2000s Los Angeles, California. Making their first breakthrough into the industry with their hit single “My Type” in 2014, the band has become known for their vibrant rhythms and engaging melodies. They continued to release music and eventually gained a reputation for their lively stage presence, which matches the upbeat spirit of their music style. The songs themselves often explore themes of love and introspection, incorporating caffeinated tempos and beats to amplify the sense of joy suggested by the lyrics.

“Cold Cold Man” is no divergence from Saint Motel’s exuberance. Despite the dispirited energy its title suggests, the song describes a lover’s passions, urging their love interest to have faith in their affections. Starting with short and blunt hits to piano keys and quickly leading into a melange of drums, guitar, keyboard, and percussion, the song immediately establishes its enthusiastic vibe and catches your attention. The melody progresses through an intense build-up to the anthemic chorus that reminds you of the fervor with which humans love to love.

“parking lot view”- almost monday

Friends first and bandmates second, almost monday is an American indie pop trio from San Diego, California. The band refined their colorful sound throughout their college years, finding inspiration in a wide variety of eclectic and versatile artists like Prince and Gorillaz. During the pandemic, the trio capitalized on a universal need for some good energy. They found their footing quickly in the music industry and their popularity skyrocketed upon the release of their second single “Come On Come On.” They exited 2020 with an astonishing 30 million overall streams, and have been growing and thriving since.

Almost monday's 2021 release “parking lot view” embodies their carefree, vibrant energy. As they’ve done in other songs, like “sun keeps on shining”, the boys detail inconvenient and sometimes blatantly downcast circumstances with an optimistic and light-hearted spin. With an upbeat tempo and a charming chorus repeating “This California King needs a queen/Baby, that's you,” the playful ballad reminds listeners that life and love transcends the materialism that often taints our perspectives.

“Dreamland”- Glass Animals

Building their impressive audio portfolio since 2010, Glass Animals is a British indie rock band. Famous for their, ironically enough, viral 2020 release “Heat Waves,” the band has established their distinctly dreamlike sound by employing a combination of electronic beats, mesmerizing guitar riffs, and atmospheric synths.

As its title suggests, “Heat Waves”’s lesser known, much chiller twin sister “Dreamland” is the perfect combination of hypnotic melodies and soft vocals. The song takes you on an immersive sound experience, as if you’re watching a montage of a smitten couple driving in a vintage red Corvette. The track walks a fine line between enchanting and nostalgic, making it the perfect song to play while watching a summer sunset.

“Let Me Down Easy”- Daisy Jones & the Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s 2019 fictional book “Daisy Jones & The Six” follows the rise and fall of a fictional rock band called Daisy Jones & The Six in the 1970s music scene. The imaginary band recently came to life in a television series adaptation of the novel, even having real music produced and available on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Captivating listeners with fierce guitar-driven rock anthems and heartfelt lyrics, their sound is in-line with the melodic motifs of psychedelic and folk rock of the 70s.

The Daisy Jones & the Six album Aurora contains 11 tracks, each unique from one another in its message and sound. “Let Me Down Easy” is an open letter to an unreciprocated love interest and the perfect track for sunglass-tinted drives on a sunny afternoon. Fading into an electric guitar riff, the song starts and ends with a sense of gentle determination. With its engaging lyrics and dynamic rhythm, it’s hard not to sing along with the same sense of tender lovesickness the vocalist carries through the piece.

“Deserve Me”- Kali Uchis (with Summer Walker)

Colombian-American singer, songwriter, and producer Kali Uchis has hypnotized the music world with her smooth and seductive vocals since 2012. Though categorized as an R&B/Soul artist, Uchis has never been restricted by musical binaries, infusing her sound with homages to vintage recording styles to give her music a retro feel, and collaborating with artists across a myriad of genres, like Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins. Her musical contributions continue to captivate fans worldwide.

Uchis' collaboration with Summer Walker on the track “Deserve Me” is the perfect storm of mystical femininity and blunt masculinity. The artists evoke a feeling of sensitivity and intuition throughout the liberation anthem, using soft vocals and mystical choral integrations. Yet, assertive lyrics, such as “I like it better when you're gone” and “you don't deserve me” establish a confident strength to the song’s overall energy. Whether you’re recovering from a breakup (or even the end of a debatably-tangible talking stage) or happily in a relationship, “Deserve Me” is empowering, and a fantastic reminder of your fucking worth.

“10%”- Kaytranada and Kali Uchis

Louis Kevin Celestin, professionally known as Kaytranada, is a Haitian-Canadian artist esteemed for his fusion of electronic music, hip-hop, and R&B. His 2016 debut album 99.9% was commended in the music community for its heterogeneous incorporation of funk, soul, and disco elements into his already-varietal electronic and hip-hop sound, helping to establish his prominence and credibility as an artist. The range of his sound seems to have encouraged the artist to pursue collaborations with a wide range of artists, including Anderson .Paak and Kali Uchis. However, this synergy with other artists seems to have only strengthened his own music’s individuality, earning him a reputation in the industry for having a distinct yet fluid sound.

The integration of Kaytranada’s signature dynamic production style and Kali Uchis’ soulful and sultry vocals in the 2019 track “10%” fosters an unmatched, infectious energy. As is consistent in Uchis’ discography, the song explores themes of self-confidence and empowerment. The lyrics are only enhanced by the song's uplifting beat and consistent tempo, making it impossible to turn down when the sun comes out. The catchy and energetic melodies will leave you wanting to play the addicting tune on repeat all summer.

“Ex For a Reason”- Summer Walker, City Girls, JT

As briefly covered earlier, Summer Walker is an American artist known for her emotive R&B sound. Building a supportive fan base before her debut Album Over It (2019), Walker has established her name in the music world for her exploration of love, heartbreak, and personal growth. Her delivery of raw vocals over sincere lyrics hooks listeners and appeals to everyone’s vulnerability. Comprised of Yung Miami and JT, the American hip-hop duo City Girls, on the other hand, are known for their energetic performances and confidently unapologetic lyrics. Through their use of bold, often explicit lyrics and distinct styles, City Girls celebrate female empowerment and encourage their listeners to do the same.

Summer Walker’s collaboration with City Girls on her recent 2021 album Still Over It in the song “Ex For a Reason” strategically combines Walker’s atmospheric instrumentals and mesmerizing vocals with City Girls’ bold attitude and assertive flare. The song starts slowly, reflecting the pain and regret seeping through the beginning lyrics in a description of a reminiscence of an ex-partner. Though maintaining the same hypnotic vocal energy, the song quickly picks up into an upbeat chant about why we shouldn’t stay hung up on people that don’t deserve to be in our lives. The repetition of the addictive line “that bitch your ex for a reason though” reassures and motivates listeners, and is undoubtedly distracting enough from the fact that it’s still a little bit too cold out to have the windows down when you’re driving.

“What You Wanna Try”- Masego

A versatile musician whose skills range from the saxophone to the piano to vocals, Masego is a distinguished artist known for his unique genre-blending style. First hitting the music scene in 2013, the musician strategically refined his sound to showcase his smooth vocals and impressive instrumental skills. He is famous for his seamless incorporation of and oscillation between live instrumentals and electronic production to curate vibrant beats and melodies. Characterized by this energetic-groove style, Masego’s portfolio fills an otherwise untapped niche in the music industry.

Masego’s recent hypnotic masterpiece “What You Wanna Try” perfectly encapsulates the dreamy yet revitalized energy of summer anticipation. Fueled by a smooth, rhythmic beat, the track is a whimsically nuanced distraction from the buzz of everyday life. With its silky vocals and catchy lyrics, you can’t help but sing along.

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