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Review: CHIKA "MAD"

Nigerian-American rapper CHIKA was born on March 9, 1997 in Montgomery, Alabama. Her love of slam poetry and music fuels her rap career. She is not only an artist, but she is also a rebel. She uses her platform to advocate for LGBTQ rights and supports the Black Lives Matter Movement. CHIKA released her latest single "MAD" on July 21, 2023.

CHIKA's "MAD" has to do with how she feels about the music industry and her naysayers. It centers around people overlooking her gifts and talents as a black female rapper and musician. As the song goes on, CHIKA reveals the pain she experienced while trying to grow up and find herself. The track highlights the fears and possible rewards she is looking forward to achieving in her music career.

"MAD," is a triumphant, motivating, and powerful song. The instruments, horns, and various harmonies mix well to make the song authentic and original. It is almost as if an individual is getting ready for battle. As a listener, the single gets you excited as to what CHIKA is going to do next. For example, the artist raps the lyric, "Perpetual chip on my shoulder, i'm tired of fakin' shit, like a poser." The line means that CHIKA is sick of the media portraying someone that they want her to be, and that she's going to be true to herself.

"Perpetual chip on my shoulder, i'm tired of fakin' shit, like a poser"

Furthermore, the song highlights not only that CHIKA doesn't care what other people may think, but also that she says it in such a fierce manner that the listener of the song has no only choice but to feel and relate to what she's referring to. We've all had, one way another someone telling us who we are, what we can and can't do, or what we should be. It paints a picture as to what she's been going through or dealing with on a more personal, deep, and profound level. Henceforth, CHIKA makes the listener feel what she's feeling. One way or another, she's connecting with her audience feel as if they're in the battle with her.

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