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Review: Diana Ankudinova “Burnt Out”

The stunning voice of Russian singer, Diana Ankudinova (диана Aнкудинова), graces the public’s ears once again in her new single “Burnt Out”. The ex-contestant of Russia's The Voice Kids, You Are Super!, and ShowMaskGoOn released the song at the end of February, and not even a month later it has amassed nearly one million views on YouTube.


Album cover for "Burnt Out"

Russian singer and ex-contestant of You Are Super! Diana Ankudinova has been busy making music of her own. Ankudinova went viral for her hypnotic concerto voice and her polyphonic singing which is the ability to sing two notes at once! Back in 2018 at the age of 14, Aukudinova auditioned for You Are Super!, performing "Dernière Danse" by French singer Indila. The performance got her through to the next round of the contest, as well as earning her 10 million views on YouTube. Ankudinova went on to perform six more songs on the show leading to more viral performances. 

After her stint on You Are Super!, Ankudinova went on to compete in other Russian singing competitions. Her cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on the show ShowMaskGoOn reached 14 million on YouTube. On both shows, Ankudinova left with the winning title. Her competitive spirit hasn’t left though; in 2023 she was a contestant on a Russian version of The Masked Singer. Unfortunately for the singer, her distinctive voice gave her away and she was eliminated.

The Russian Star has since released an album titled Д.А. ("D.A."), which features nine songs all in her native Russian tongue. The album has a sorrowful tone which her unique voice lends itself to extremely well. While the tone of the lyrics is on the sad side, the music is reminiscent of 90’s pop.

Ankudinova released her most recent single, “Burnt Out”, at the end of February with an accompanying music video. The song and video tell the tale of the artist's success. The song begins with the singer using chess as a metaphor for her career success: “Pawn’s a queen now”. Although the lyrics are about her success in her career, the tone of her voice is sad and somewhat wistful. This game comparison continues with, “and if you’re the winner, too bad you’re losing”. Here it is hard to distinguish if the singer is talking about herself or her opponent. The song's chorus makes this clearer as she sings about her feelings of burnout. “I am so burnt out, where was a heart- ashes/ Empty inside, all of my feelings are burnt out” . The artist utilizes the words “burnt out,” which many associate with a sense of exhaustion, as a metaphor. This song beautifully illustrates the singer's struggles with success in her career both in achieving it and having it.

“I am so burnt out, where was a heart- ashes/ Empty inside, all of my feelings are burnt out”

Diana Ankudinova’s unique covers have reached the ears of millions. Now, as she branches out with her own music, her success continues. Although the singer may be experiencing some burn out, she has used that experience to write this song and express those feelings. Hopefully, we will see more of her soon.

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