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Review: Rachel Barton "texts i would send you if i could"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Rachel Barton released her single "texts i would send you if i could" on April 28, 2023. Drawing inspiration from her years of songwriting, as well as from jam sessions with other musical friends, Barton brings a tasteful twist to the acoustic pop genre.

"texts i would send you if i could" speaks to a desire for communication that seems impossible. The single encapsulates all the texts left unsent not only by Barton but also by her fans. It's a subtle, bittersweet, and relatable ode to adolescent connection. Artfully blended storytelling and production hints at a promising, successful career for Barton. "texts i would send you if i could" is perfect for fans of Lizzy McAlpine, Maggie Rogers, and Olivia Rodrigo.

"If I could, I'd send you every song I ever wrote for you just to make you cry"

The lyrics of "texts i would send you if i could" are simultaneously poetic and straightforward; it's both thoughtful and honest. Barton comforts listeners and lets them know they're not alone, that it's alright to miss someone. Imagery of "walking up (her) dorm stairs alone" acts as a reminder of the past and sets a melancholy, reflective tone. Barton's writing about life without someone important to her appeals to a larger audience navigating heartbreak. Her youthful take on the topic epitomizes college love. Smooth lead vocals layered with harmonies and echoed lines lead listeners through a journey of closure and acceptance.

Images by Marley Chaney

Although "texts i would send you if i could" conveys authenticity through lyrics, its expressiveness extends beyond words. Musically, the single is warm and comforting, an energy created by Barton's collaboration with producer summerneverlasts. The tune's sophisticated arrangement engages listeners while leaving just enough space in the mix. Summer and Barton add to the dynamic value of "texts i would send you if i could" by pulling tracks in and out of the instrumentation. Knowing when not to play is a virtue often lost in new pop music, but it is utilized to its fullest here.

Light strumming and acoustic guitar picking patterns act as backbones for the music, giving it a distinctive, mellow pop energy. The percussive electronic rhythm section enhances full moments and drops down in the verses. Piano chords hidden in the mix bring the song to an emotional close.

"texts i would send you if i could" will both break and heal your heart. The gentle musicality and raw, sincere lyricism make the single a must-listen.

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