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Review: Suspended 4th "Cult Speakers"

Surely guitars possess a language of their own! If you've never experienced the sonic conversation orchestrated by Suspended 4th, you're in for a captivating revelation. Originating from Nagoya, Japan, Suspended 4th is more than just a rock band. They are a musical force that is here to stay. Their latest single, which dropped on December 13, 2023, stands as a testament to the undeniable dialogue guitars can have with one another. Fittingly, the group named it "Cult Speakers".


Formed in 2014, this hybrid-rock ensemble is made up of four visionary members: Washiyama Kazuki (vocals), Sawada Seiya (guitar), Fukuda Hiromu (bass), and Taira Riku (drums). Their ascent in the music scene was solidified in 2020, when they clinched the Tokai Block Award at the 12th CD Shop Awards for their debut mini-album, GIANTSTAMP.

"Ok まだ keep going して"

The introduction of "Cult Speakers" features a groove of pocketed guitars and drums. The catchy main riff sticks in the head for the rest of the song, making listeners nod and hum along. In the first verse, Suspended 4th paints a vivid picture of life's journey as an endless road. They liken life to an autobahn stretching as far as the eye can see, extending beyond the horizon. The track's lyricism reflects on a consistent sense of descent. However, there's a resolute determination expressed in the rhythm of the line, "Ok まだ keep going して," which translates to, "Ok still keep going." The lyrics dwell on the ability to prove oneself despite doubts and challenges. This introspective narrative sets a contemplative tone, hinting that life is a shared journey.

The chorus of “Cult Speakers” stands out for its masterfully blended vocals and instruments. Suspended 4th produces a dynamic appeal akin to a live performance, with vocal intensity rising with each repetition of the tag. 黙ってたって 何も変わらない”, Kazuki challenges. If one stays silent, nothing changes; the rock band encourages fans to engage in proactive change. This sophisticated fusion of lyrical depth and instrumental accuracy instantly turns the single into a compelling and poignant musical narrative.

 “さあ 殴れよ lady お前もだ gentleman”

"Cult Speakers"'s final verse delivers a climactic burst of energy with the declaration, “狂ったように 全部” ("Everything like crazy"). These lines perfectly sum up the main idea of the song: embracing life's chaos. Imagery of a complete hand of cards signifies a resolved mindset. The transition to the words, “さあ 殴れよ lady お前もだ gentleman,” ("Come on, hit me, lady, you too, gentleman") serves as both a rallying cry and a call to action. The lyrics envoke resilience in the face of different paths and obstacles.

In essence, Suspended 4th's "Cult Speakers" is proof to the profound message guitars can carry, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries to form a power-packed anthem. The stark truths of the song, as well as its earworm melodies, leave a lasting impact on listeners.

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