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Review: PIAO "Neopet"

Born in Shanghai and based in Los Angeles, pop music's latest rising artist PIAO combines emotive melodies with powerhouse vocal performances. Her left-of-the-dial sound has turned the genre on its head and taken the music industry by storm, appearing frequently on Spotify editorial playlists and in collaborations with renowned acts such as T-Pain, 88Rising, JORDY, and AVEX. Her debut EP, Tissues, caught the initial attention of fans around the world. PIAO fueled her momentum with a string of singles, the latest of which ("Neopet") dropped just a few days ago on November 3, 2023.

Nostalgic "Neopet" is a sonic shoutout to the early 2000s. The lively instrumental arrangement features a distinctly hyperpop feel, filled with layered synthesizers and effects that pull listeners into the retro virtual pet website Neopets. PIAO brings her Neopet to life, drawing parallels between her love life and an online friend through sweet-sounding vocal melodies. "You're my Neopet / But you're a real guy / Sometimes I forget / Need a reset," she sings. Whether fans grew up in the internet pet era or simply relate to the feeling of taking care of another person in a relationship, PIAO's "Neopet" is the ultimate relatable track of this fall season. The song, along with the artist's last few releases, teases an exciting and promising future for PIAO.

"You're my Neopet / But you're a real guy / Sometimes I forget / Need a reset"


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