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Review: The Moss "The Place That Makes Me Happy"

The Moss is a four-piece musical group with an expansive discography of upbeat tracks that are sure to pique any indie lover's interest. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Tyke James, bassist Brierton Sharp, guitarist Addison Sharp, and drummer Willie Fowler, the band combines their talents to create robust instrumentals, as well as fantastic melodies and lyricism. The Moss' origins can be traced back to Oahu, Hawaii, where Tyke James and Addison Sharp began as a duo playing for local diners and food trucks in their free time. Circa 2018, the duo decided to add Addison's brother Brierton to the group, along with Willie Fowler, and the four made the move back to the mainland. The Moss just began their United States tour on September 8th, but when they aren't touring, they reside in Utah.

As for their discography, The Moss began releasing music in 2018, with singles "Sara James", "The 801", and "Who Hearts Moss ?" being the first three releases. Their debut album Bryology was released in 2019, with twelve infectious songs. Standout track "Celebrate" has amassed over one million streams on Spotify. Since then, The Moss has released another studio album titled Kentucky Derby along with various singles and EPs, expanding their discography. Their most popular track, "Insomnia", has racked up over nine million streams on Spotify and solidified The Moss as a group to be on the lookout for as they continue to release new music.

Speaking of new releases, stand-alone single "The Place That Makes Me Happy" dropped on September 6th of this year. The upbeat track is full of nostalgic, 'Grease'-esque guitar riffs, a funky bass line, and a steady drum beat–with plenty instrumental moments that demonstrate just how impressive the arrangement of this track is. This song showcases the immense talent that each band member possesses individually and highlights how they are able to use their niches in collaboration to create wonderful music.

Produced and mixed by Tony Hoffer, the composition of this song is practically perfection. James' silky vocals shine clearly and the inclusion of vocal and instrumental filters is a fun touch that adds complexity to the track. No part of the song feels too loud or too quiet, yet every aspect of the instrumental, from the prominent drums to the muted bass, is still easily identifiable.

As for the lyricism, this song, as the name suggests, details the search for a place that will make the performer happy. The verses describe the activities the subject and their lover participate in while searching for this nirvana, detailing a night where the market was closed so they had wine for dinner and how their days are filled with "swimmin' in the river, smokin' bud on the bushes". The entire vibe of the song is optimistic, with the chorus repeating the motif of, "I'll keep on searching for the place that makes me happy". The lyrics do a fantastic job at telling a compelling story that is full of fun and wonder.

"I'll keep on searching for the place that makes me happy."

The bridge features a taunting filtered vocal line, which represents the doubt of finding this "happy place". Vocal lines, "both your eyes are closed" and "are your feet getting cold?", attempt to dissuade the protagonist from continuing their search. However, this negative voice is ignored, as the main vocal line repeats the phrase, "nah man, i'm lookin'", indicating that they won't let these doubts deter them from their search for happiness.

Upon first listen, I immediately added "The Place That Makes Me Happy" to my playlist, and it has since been a staple in my daily soundtrack. Every release from The Moss pushes them higher and higher on my list of favorite artists, and I am looking forward to attending their concert during this tour cycle!

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13 wrz 2023

straight to the playlist asf !

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